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We were looking at the Slingsby map while sitting in the cave and noticed it was shown a lot higher up. The contours lines are very close to each other in that area, so any small horizontal deviation relates to a big vertical deviation. I doubt Slingsby's sources would have really known much about the cave anyway - it is really quite little known. A Mountain Club expedition (reported in the 1958 MCSA journal) found buttons and various other items in this particular cave (they are on display at the MCSA club museum, don't know where that is though). See article by Mike Scott. In fact it is Charles Morisson mentioned in this article that took us to the cave. Having now done the route to the cave, it is not actually that hectic - only scrambling required - no rope stuff. Apparently the route Penny would have taken would be up the front of Kloof Corner and through the neck (at Kloof Corner Medium cache).

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Deep under Cape Town, walking in the dark. One and a half hours of adventure ......


I have found someone who will lead a group into the sewers and tunnels under Cape Town. Its a one and a half hour tour.

I have space for 15 people. I want to make it an Event Cache.


I need to know if there is enough interest before organizing it. The usual cost is R350 to R500 per person. I have secured a quote of R175 per person for 15 people. I was thinking of doing it in about a months time. There would be a get together afterward too. (Suggestions on venue?)


Who is prepared to commit.....to the darkness ?





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About a month's time. Please give dates that would suit you. (Moots?)


April looking a bit hectic with Easter etc. I could do 9th or 10th if it is not too draining.


I'm in, with eagleise. At this stage any weekend should be fine except April 28 - May 2, but that is a long way off.

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Wow this thread is buzzing lately!


Just to confirm - still going ahead on Silverstream-Ledges this Sunday 6th March. Platteklip gorge parking 0730. At this stage it is the pooks, Dbob, capeccr, paddawan, hesamati that I know of. Please sms if you are coming so that i can contact you if plans change.

Laurence 082 766 3807

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may have to wait a while!

I am going on holiday soon and the only realistic week end for me...is the same week end that the guide will be away!!


It looks like April 23 or 24 would be the earliest to go (but by then it may be raining and not so fun). How many would be able to make it then?

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Hey all! I'd like to set up an event to start the brainstorming session for the proposed South African Mega Event. Gauteng's already got one coming up (GC2PK15), but before I publish it I want to gauge interest and availability. I'm thinking about 1.5 hours max, just a brainstorming session (for those interested in proving to the Gautengers that the Western Cape is the logical choice for the Mega Event!). Who can make the week of April 11-15? After work, in the evening, at the V&A Waterfront, somewhere (open to suggestions!).

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HMS Birkenhead (GC2N4F1 SS:Birkenhead by: paddawan)


Hi All


Just a quick heads up on a talk to be given on the above ship (from launch to incredibly tragic sinking with massive loss of life) by author Martin Fine (wrote 'Birkenhead Revisited') on Weds 30 March at Simon's Town Museum (17h30 for 18h00 start) R15 (incl. wine + snax) Call Margaret on 021-7823298 for more info if required.


If a few geocachers show up & are hungry after the talk - we could always pop over to the Pescado across the road for pizza or seafood nutritional support & general chat! See you there!

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It appears that Steenbras River Gorge is going to be closed for at least a year from 1 May 2011 for rehabilitation.




Anyone wanting to do Crystal Pools GCH3DR might want to make a call before setting out on their adventure.


Thanks malo Mystery

My dad had mentioned that to me, although he said it was closing the end of this month, but i guess its open for one more.

So get your chance to do it before I disable/archive the cache, it really is a super place to go, especially if you follow my swimming route, and laugh in the face of baboons!

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So get your chance to do it before I disable/archive the cache, it really is a super place to go, especially if you follow my swimming route, and laugh in the face of baboons!

Thanks to MM's message I've overcome my to-do-list lethargy and will be going up there with a group of muggle friends early Saturday morning. Let me know if I can pick up a permit for anyone (can't book but they've agreed to give them to me on Friday afternoon...).

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