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  1. When preparing cache descriptions, various format changes, eg. font type and size, image size, borders and alignments are supposed to be stored when pressing Save or Save and View. However, if having exited the editing mode, I re-enter to do some more editing, almost always (although strangely not every time!) these formatting selections have gone and I have to reformat all over again. This is very frustrating and a waste of time and effort, eg. resizing, bordering, spacing and aligning - often multiple - images, which all seem to revert to a large format, unbordered centred image. This is not something which used to happen in the past. I would really appreciated some advice about how this problem could be avoided. The only way I can mitigate the frustration is to complete all the photo imports and other cache description stuff - and leave any formatting to the final step. Of course this is fine - until I need to re-edit at some later stage when it usually happens again!
  2. I echo the above - it is so frustrating. Having uploaded the photos in WYSIWYG mode and then done all the related formatting (size, alignment, border, etc) and having saved everything as a complete cache page as formatted, then whenever you go back in to change anything on the cache page and Save & View, the photo formatting is all gone. You then have to redo all the photo formatting and Save/View again - when the formatting is retained - until the next time you have to go in and edit something - then the formatting is lost again! It makes the whole experience very tedious & annoying!
  3. Hi Danie, it would be a shame if the interesting and informative service which you provide were to cease - I for one have greatly appreciated and enjoyed your postings and the (admittedly few) responses - but I would fully understand your position if it did, given the time and effort involved in producing the material. Is there any way in which the availability and content of this forum could be promoted, eg. at geocaching events or through GC web sites . . . any ideas out there?
  4. When exactly is the most miserable 2 or 3 weeks of the year in the Western Cape? maybe instead of 'more miserable' we should be talking about 'somewhat less wonderful' . . .
  5. Thanks again Danie! Part 10 has new caches Africa 2016 - can you do Africa (all time)?
  6. Thanks as always for all the stats Danie! Re. cache placers, can you list the top 10 for South Africa and Africa as a whole? Thanks!
  7. I was somewhat surprised to receive a maintenance reminder on a cache which was received only 15 days after the first of 2 DNFs was posted. This seems to be a little strict. I have seen several other caches with multiple DNFs dating back several months but with no Needs Maintenance log. What is the criteria applied in deciding which caches should receive maintenance reminders - for example how many serial DNFs are required and how what period of non-response?
  8. Thanks for the total finds lists Danie! Lots of good karma there!
  9. Do you mean a list of the most frequently found South African caches? If so, see my posting of 28 January. Hi Danie, no I mean the total number of finds of all the owner's caches, the total could be of all the owner's SA hides and/or the total of all their hides (if they have other hides not in SA).
  10. Thanks for all the great stats Danie - keep up the good work! A request: could you find/list the top 20 (or 50) total cache finds (SA only and all) for SA cache owners. Thanks!
  11. From the date of submission of the cache the review process usually takes up to 7 days. If it goes over this period, send a friendly follow-up reviewer note log asking about progress with the review. Reviewing may be shared between different reviewers who will each have their review schedule and work load, so one cache may be published before an earlier submitted cache - but it would only be a matter of a day or two.
  12. 1. Louwtjie&Vroutjie 22053 2. GEO936 16087 3. Leon St 13350 4. NotBlonde 12459 5. paddawan 12123 6. TechnoNut 9764 7. HeinG 9697 8. pannie&medusae 9191 9. CrystalFairy 8817 10. Fish Eagle 8687 11. Wazat 7778 12. Noddy 6797 13. SawaSawa 6725 14. cache-fan 6674 15. timmo1977 6444 16. dakardrix 6014 17. Tricky Vicky & Mickey 5688 18. iPajero 5457 19. Antron 5252 20. Happy Hunters SA 5196 Thanks Danie!
  13. Great Stats Danie! Keep up the good work Could you do a table for top 20 SA cachers for total finds of owned caches? Thanks!
  14. Very alarming! Wow . . . that is quite some attrition rate! It would be good to know why fully 1/3 gave up on their first experience of caching . . . it could give some useful pointers about appropriate remedial measures . . .
  15. +1 - have sent you a mail I share Carbon Hunter's sentiments and also agree with his comments on the stats forum about improving caching - he has some good ideas. Event caches could be a good way of sharing experience and tips for this - I remember some years ago a really useful and interesting event by CapeDoc on mobile phone caching. Some areas of interest which could be considered are: cache page design, cache preparation and hiding, update on use of mobile apps, statistics packages. Fortunately, amongst the less inspiring caches and cachers there are still some wonderfully creative examples out there - recognised with the recent award of Geocacher of the month to our very own family Behrens.
  16. If one compares it with the traditional growth (see the following graph), it does become a matter for concern. Compared to the roughly 20 month trend, (unfortunately I don't have data further back than that), Gauteng currently has more than 100 fewer caches than it should have had. (About -4.5%.) I notice on this graph that a similar thing happened last year; hopefully things will improve during December. What I can't explain is why this only happened in Gauteng - the rest of the country shows steady growth during this period. I'll look at the number of finds next. aaaaah - now I see thanks! The wonder of statistics!
  17. Re. the 'stagnation' of Gauteng caching, the drop in total caches from the maximum 3,000 to the current 2,990 is a mere 0.33% and so not really significant or (yet) identifiable as a trend.
  18. 2.9 letters - that is not even a full word I have seen quite a few logs recently that are just a smiley. Perhaps that helps to get the 2,9 letters!! perhaps it is an (appreciative?) grunt??
  19. Well done Greenmielie - keep up the good work in Zim!
  20. Thanks for the info! Nice to see Kenya up to #4 on the list ( . . . been hiding a few here ) but big jump to #3!
  21. SawaSawa


    Congratulations Cape Doc on being such a favourite! Keep up the quality caches - they are much appreciated!
  22. SawaSawa


    Hi AndyT1 - well done on your 1500! Wishing you lots more caching fun & adventures to come!
  23. SawaSawa


    Congratulations iPajero on your 7000 - a fantastic achievement! . . . and to MnCo on your 1000 - great stuff. Wishing you both much more GC fun!!
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