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  1. Sad - I have certainly noticed the new guidelines (I think were meant to make it easier - and some stuff like logging straight into GC.com certainly are) - but the application of the guidelines seems to have made it more difficult? What are other's experiences? My view is that EC's are still great - and we should perservere - don't give up - and PLEASE anyone thinking of developing an EC - just ask for help - getting the wording right, and having someone with experience read over your text before (especially the questions/tasks) makes a HUGE difference in getting it registered. My latest 2 (including the Duban Climate Change one - took only 2 days to get through (both with 2 iterations with the Reviewer). So it still happens after so much time. Swaziland is now also on the map with EarthCaches. When I submitted the first one (beginning of October) it was published in two days, but then the next two got stuck in the system for 25 days. After some enquiries to the reviewers on why my EC’s is not reviewed, they disabled the listings and send me some guidance and made corrections on my questions. This was completed and published in two days. With my latest experience and NOT the new guidelines, I also decided to stop for a while placing new EC’s.
  2. Xaa: It was nice to meet you last night during the event. Have a save trip home.
  3. YAY . . . Redglobe is a big supporter of social events, and bigger is better.
  4. Nay from RedGlobe We are still old school and like to cache in interesting places. We don’t worry about numbers and will do a long hike even if it ends with a DNF. We like doing nature caches. Maybe it’s that “resistance to change” factor. Even if we personally don’t like PT’s, it does not mean we want to offend or attack other people for their view.
  5. @Cincol . . . you use your GPS’r the same way as when you go hiking in the mountains. I will not ask you where you plug in your power accessories for your GPS’r when hiking . . .
  6. Who will be the first cacher to find this cache on horseback?? We were hoping for Black James Cash, but he decided to use his 4x4 Corsa and hiked the last bit . . .
  7. Congratulations Mr Panda and welcome in the Platinum Status club. One day we will get down in CT and do your EarthCaches.
  8. Thanks for providing the info. I have just applied for the Quartz level. The process took 1 sec and received a mail back “congratulations” with the logo. It will take some time now for the next level..... LOL
  9. RedGlobe


    Congrats to the Bold and Clever team (B&C Inc) on your 1000 finds. Well done and many more fun time.
  10. LOL.....You leave a “Aprils fool” calling card in the cache......
  11. I'm not aware of anywhere on geocaching.com that these items are mentioned. Can anyone provide links...?? I knew I have read the rule of “no moving” a cache somewhere, and with confirmation from Fish Eagle share the info on this forum to help newbie’s and “old hands” with some links... On the Groundspeak Beginner's Basics guidelines Link they provide a list of ethos of the geocaching community and a link for more info to the site Link. This site notes that you “must not move a cache”. And reading the Groundspeak Q & A Link “Can I move a cache once I find it?” they answer “Do not move a cache from its original location. If you feel that the cache may not be located in the correct location, please email the cache owner directly or post a log on the cache detail page, notifying the owner of your concern. It is an owner's responsibility to maintain cache placement.”
  12. Hi B&C, The best is to take the container with you away from site, and then let the cache owner know. He can then arrange with you to replace the cache back on a later stage or a new hiding spot.
  13. RedGlobe


    Congratulations MadSons on the 1000 finds. I did not expect to say this so early in your caching career, wow everything you do is at breakneck speed.
  14. Ha Ha...it must be the “party pooper” (second from the left)
  15. RedGlobe


    Well done Jors on the 1000, we were privileged in being able to share this special occasion with you.
  16. Just a question....why is some of the caches listed as “BRr” and others “BRs”???
  17. So then I would guess that a GC 11 years Birthday party with cupcakes is out of the question for 1st of May ? Why don't we do it back to back with the CITO Event? Clean up first then party afterwards? Or CITO Pta Sat 30 Apr; CITO JHB Sun 01 May and 11th Birthday party on Monday 02 May being a public holiday as well ? This is a very good idée....you have my vote!!
  18. RedGlobe


    Congratulations Wildbirds on your 1000 find milestone, and thanks for achieving this milestone on one of our caches.
  19. Sorry GPS Storm, it would be difficult to get to Nelspruit in March as we were on leave last week, and the end of March is my sons 21st birthday. Hope we can do the gorge again in the future.
  20. RedGlobe are in the final stages of arranging a CITO on the 30th April, that will go with the International Cache In Trash Out weekend 30th April & 1st May 2011. This will be in the Irene Area, and will visit the site tomorrow with Tshwane.
  21. Cache-fan we have a DVD with streetmap 2010 version 3, but I know “Jors” staying closer to you have one...
  22. We also agree with Team_vdlo. Over time you will add more and more FTF’s to your name. A FTF where you “earned” the FTF just feels that more pleasant, where you setup and watch the listings and the caching mobile ready and started just in case, and even studied the competition to know how to beat them, and when the reviewer do his thing.....it make a FTF just more satisfying....it becomes a “art” on its own and then you “earn” the FTF. On the “event” we are happy and hope we can attend...
  23. We are also interested, but again not on the 2nd April (wonder why???? Ohh yes...that’s my brothers 50th birthday)
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