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  1. Thanks again for the assistance, my 750 should be in my hands later today !!!
  2. Thanks so much guys, very much appreciated. Looks like I'm going shopping soon !!!
  3. I have been out of Geocaching for a while and recently got started again. My Oregon 450 is no longer waterproof, a necessity for where I go caching. The rubber around the power button has completely perished. The Oregon 750 looks like a good upgrade, one question: If you load two different GPX files (I still use GSAK), say one for all of the caches in your local area and another with only caches that you need to complete a challenge (Matrix etc) can you select just one of the GPX files ?
  4. Thanks Danie, interesting stuff as always !!!
  5. A few from Cape Town have expressed interest in joining, depending on timing of course. I wonder if the folk at T4A don't perhaps have some raw data that has not yet appeared on their maps. I can make enquiries if you want.
  6. I usually buy from GpsCity, great service and prices not too bad either. Maybe hang on for a bit and see what comes up in the Black Friday sales ?
  7. "High tourist destinations .." & "Table Mountain .." CapeDoc will have to lead the way and archive the Table Mountain Travel Bug Hotel ..... :-)
  8. So much for transparency and public participation .......
  9. Funny thing was the cable I had always used was permanently plugged in to my PC, never transported around or even moved from computer to computer. Started off only connecting on every second attempt and went downhill from there. So what is there in a USB cable that can go "bad" ?
  10. Try a new / different USB cable. Had the same issue with my Oregon 450, new cable solved the problem.
  11. I have a Galaxy Note 2, did a comparison with my Oregon 450, 60Csx, Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace on a short 6km hike, the tracklogs were close enough so as not to make much of a difference. Something like 6 or so meters between tracklogs.
  12. Thanks again Danie. I think far more people read this than you realise .....
  13. AndyT1


    Or this one - FTF 2
  14. AndyT1


    If the word FTF appears in your logs you can run this macro - FTF
  15. AndyT1


    Hi Danie Yup, I do have a lot of archived caches in GSAK. I guess I just like to keep a record of the older stuff, there were some interesting locations and caches amongst the archives. Your set of dates certainly seems to be a much better fit though :-)
  16. AndyT1


    Ran a macro on my database, this is what it gives: 001 January 18, 2001 - April 06, 2007 - 997 002 April 07, 2007 - July 08, 2008 - 997 003 July 09, 2008 - September 22, 2009 - 995 004 September 23, 2009 - July 29, 2010 - 997 005 July 30, 2010 - March 06, 2011 - 990 006 March 07, 2011 - July 03, 2011 - 992 007 July 04, 2011 - January 21, 2012 - 995 008 January 22, 2012 - August 14, 2012 - 997 009 August 15, 2012 - January 30, 2013 - 995 010 January 31, 2013 - July 19, 2013 - 996 011 July 20, 2013 - Maximum date - 604
  17. Thanks for the stats Danie, aways a good read :-) And I do agree wih your sentiments regarding cache size.
  18. Which phone do you have? I have connected my Oregon 450 to my Galaxy Note 2 and it works Ok, never thought to try it wih my 60Csx. Will give it a go tonight and report back.
  19. This is the place to keep an eye open for a review of the Monterra - this guy knows his stuff. Monterra
  20. Yup - no street number lookup on Open Street maps, Garmin have kept the know how for that to themselves. But you can at least find the street :-)
  21. Trevor have a look at the prices from GPS City in the states. That is where I usually shop. As for dragging and dropping maps without Basecamp / Mapsource as far as I know the only ones that you can do that with are here - http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/
  22. I had sucess in transferring files from my Note 2 to my Oregon 450 using an OTG cable. Works well, I see that GDAK now supports gpx file import / export as well. I was in the market for something with a bigger screen and was looking at the Galaxy Note 10.1 Apart from caching I also wanted to be able to subscribe to the digital version of my regular magazines and read them on a bigger screen. Plus on trips it would be nice to geotag my RAW photo's and perhaps give them a star rating for later editing in PS. But that meant finding a few apps to do what I wanted and having to make the tablet jump through a few hoops via apps. I eventually went for a - Samsung Series 7 ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Runs GSAK,Geosetter, Photoshop, Adobe DNG converter, ZINIO reader etc no problem, no hoops and additional cables.
  23. For something different try Earth, Wind, Fire, Water by CapeDoc - Cache link
  24. If you want to run GSAK on a tablet it must run the full version of Win 8, not Win 8 RT
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