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  1. I would be happy to take over this one. it is close to home (<5km) and one of the first caches I found.
  2. 15/16 Dec would be good for me....
  3. "Orpheus in the underworld" is another cache that springs to mind...
  4. Yes - it would have been nice to have Thunder along with me, but he can be difficult to keep track of on a dark night. He can also be reluctant to get back in the car if he thinks the walk has not been long enough... Thanks Andy, and congratulations on your first caches.
  5. The difference between True North and Magnetic North (declination) varies depending on where in the world you are - it is about 24.5 deg in Cape Town (Magnetic North is West of True North). If you project, it makes a difference of 42m+ for every 100m, so can significantly increase your search area!!!! So it is important to know which one a cache owner is using! Declination changes slowly over time, usually, but every several hundred thousand years, the poles reverse
  6. Thanks to AndyT1 for organising the caving expedition - a great day out despite the heavy downpour! Congratulations on reaching your 800! - from reading the logs it sounds like you didn't get to go through "the corkscrew" - definitely worth going back for sometime. Thanks to The-Eaves for leading us through the infamous "narrows" between Ronin's Well and Robin Hood's Caves, it is always great to visit places that I would otherwise never get to see. After being introduced to the cave by "The Chillean MIne Rescue", I was very keen to explore further. Going through the narrows was quite an experience - I had think it was an advantage knowing Big Brian had got through, even though I had watched Besem battle for a good 20 mins to get through one squeeze. A big thank you also to everyone that looked after Ben (& Thunder) while I was underground.
  7. I am planning to go abseiling on Sunday afternoon in Silvermine - as long as it is dry. Meet at the mountain bike parking at 2pm, or join us later at Lower Silvermine Crag (straight up the hill to puzzle ridge).
  8. Suppose, given the forum, it is likely that caching takes precedent over spelunking. I do, however, offer my services as a guide to any who wishes to pass through The Narrows from Ronan's well (Chilean Miner Rescue) into Robin Hood Cavern (near Amphitheatre)... I'm keen to do this route sometime (and explore other caves in the area) - how long do the narrows take (assuming nobody gets stuck? )
  9. For any that do not follow the WC group on facebook, there will be another visit (or probably more than one) visit to the "hardest cache on TM" in the coming weeks. There is already a lot of interest. As before a pre-requisite - even if you have abseiled before - will practice to beforehand at Silvermine (40m+ above the ground is not a good place to discover that you can't quite remember how to do it!!! ). Practices, and the final assault will be weather dependent, and may be at short notice. If you would like to be added to the list, contact me directly - 083 651 268, or herbalife.sport@iafrica.com. Phil PS does anyone have a helmet cam?
  10. I will be more than happy to lead the expedition (from the back, giving directions when requested - I like to leave a bit of a challenge ). As for the narrows - I would love to do them, but have it on good authority, that it is a route you will do only once....hopefully emerging on the far side
  11. While searching for TF16 180 deg Sea on Signal Hill, I came across a carved wooden box. Thinking I had found the cache, I opened it up, to find, not the usual swag, but a small feathered corpse and a mirror - obviously the remains of someone's pet budgie
  12. Sounds like a great idea - I would certainly be interested in the event, CITO or not.
  13. I'm in - that goes without saying!! Thunder would be there as well given half a chance......
  14. Thanks - a touch of Dyslexia there.
  15. The Cape "Mountain Goats" are planning to visit Joshua Penny's cave on Sunday 27th. Meeting at Theresa Ave, Rontree at 07h00 (to make the most of the morning shade). We will have a guide with us, who has been there before. There will be some bundu bashing, and scrambling involved. For anyone not familiar with the story of Joshua Penny, check out Henzz's cache of the same name (GC2NWMA).
  16. Thanks to everyone who joined us on the TM traverse extravaganza, and to Laurence for the idea of stringing together 3 of the most exciting routes on Table Mountain. Well done to those that were doing the traverse for the first time - there is a good reason for Discombob giving the option of Reverse!
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    Thanks matey! You may just end up getting dragged along on Codebreaker V in the summer
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