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  1. x2 ... if this broad sweeping generalisation stands, it pretty much wipes out every where of any interest and some of the best caches in the Cape Peninsula. I can fully appreciate points 1 & 4 and completely agree. But what they giveth with one hand they take away with points 2,3 & 5. I mean seriously "high tourist destinations"... if the tourists are there why can't geocachers, since many geocachers are also tourists
  2. Sounds like a great idea. Alas, I've been bikless for some years now.... I wonder what it costs to hire a bike for the day... hmmmmmm
  3. I think we're all waiting with baited breath to see when the site is going to be up
  4. Sorry... I'm confused.... Does this mean the non-wealthy are not environmentally sensitive... or that only the fairly wealthy are worthy cachers???? I rest my case ....
  5. I commend you on taking this to them, rather than at some point in the future, TMNP suddenly announce the banning of all geocaching in the park because of one or two little issues which get blown out of proportion within TMNP, as has been seen overseas. The only thing I would possibly change, is to remove "wealthy"... this is not true of all geocachers and may infer some sort of elitism to them. I think the focus needs to be a lot on the fact that cachers that are likely to be in the parks, are mostly people who were hikers before they started geocaching and by their very nature, most are sensitive to the ecology. It might also help to indicate that a substantial amount of caches are done by tourists, who will often use geocaching to seek out some of the best, non-touristy, walks and hikes that the Cape has to offer. Just my 2c worth
  6. Hi graciax452, and welcome to geocaching I don't know the area at all, so I can't give you any specific cache suggestions, however I'm sure that one of the locals will point out some to you in due course. In the meantime, the best way to get started is to concentrate mainly on "Traditional" caches, and chose ones in and around the area of interest to you that are around the 1-2 star rating for both terrain and difficulty. These should be reletivly easy to reach and find. As you and the girls get more experience, you can move on to the various other types of caches and higher star ratings. As you are just starting out and only have a normal membership, probably you best way of selecting the first few caches would be to use the map. On your profile page, in the right margin, click on the "map it" icon. This will open the map centred on your home coords. Zoom in/out and move the map to the are you want to visit. You can then click on the icons to see the details of the cache and also send the coords to your GPS, assuming you have a cable and the plugin installed. You can also click on the name and open the cache page in a new tab, where you can also send the coords to your GPS and read/print the information about the cache. If you have a smartphone, there are various ways to carry this information with you, called paperless caching. Hope that helps. Any questions, just ask.
  7. Sounds like great fun at a reasonable price... We're always up for those. Sundays are always best for us, for this sort of thing, unless its going to be in the mid afternoon on a Saturday.
  8. I know its a mute point now, but XP is more than capable of handling a wide screen. It was probably the video drivers that needed to be updated. If it was an on board video card, it is possible it didn't have the range, but an add on card would have sorted that out, for a lot less than a new machine and printer/scanner/copier
  9. I add my condolences to his family and friends.
  10. Forwarding should always be set up in gmail (or on the server if you run your own domain), rather than an email client, so that the server handles it and forwards are instantaneous. Using a rule to do this in an email client should be a last resort solution.
  11. I'm guessing this is working for you, but I tried this as a solution many moons ago... before I got my first smartphone... but it never worked for me Anyway, thats all in the past and now we have much more sophisticated methods of indulging in our obsession... um, hobby
  12. That is odd. You should have v2.3 "Gingerbread" on that phone, so you should have an option to choose your own mp3 as a ringtone/notification (which plays for as long as the song is until you open the email) for each separate account. If for some reason you don't or you have an older OS without that menu option, then the alternate method is to place your mp3 audio files in "media/audio/notifications/" or "media/audio/ringtones/" folders as necessary. If these do not exist, create them. Now the mp3 files will show up in the default notification and ringtone lists respectively. I'm not a big fan of using apps to do things the system can already do, as they also suck battery besides the data. Also keep in mind, that you are going to be using quite a bit more data, receiving all your emails on your phone in order to get only a few notifications. Polling my notification account every few minutes uses almost no data, so its only the notification headers/emails a few times a month that use any kind of real data.
  13. You can set up a custom ringtone/notification using an MP3. Account Settings > Select Ringtone > Goto My Files
  14. There are probably a number of ways, but here is what I have set up... First off, c:geo has no way of automatically checking for new caches, that I am aware of. Step 1: Set up a separate gmail account for the sole purpose of notifications and then register it in your GC account. Then update all the notifications that you want to receive on your phone, to be sent to this email account and leave any others like 'Event Caches' to be sent to your primary account. Step 2: (Optional) Because I don't monitor this 'notifications' account on my computer, but still want to receive notifications there, I set up forwarding on the new account to send a copy to my primary geocaching gmail address. Step 3: Set up the new notification address on your phone. I personally don't use the Gmail app, but prefer to use the Email app because I have several email account (not all gmail) that I may want to access. It also allows you to have different settings for different accounts. Step 4: Assuming you do the same, and set up your account(s) in the Email app, long press on the account name and tap 'Account Settings'. Here you can set up the check frequency and a little further down you can select a different ringtone. Hope that Helps
  15. hmmm, I wasn't aware the requirement is as low as that, so you may be right (although in that case I'm surprised the issue didn't come up a long time ago), but if you consider that there are many many users who are not very techsavy, who only use GC to find a few caches and log them, and don't pay much attention to what map is showing, then not having it as the default could make quite an impact. As for a Greasemonkey script, I don't see this would be any different from what's happening already with various scripts. Besides which, the script sends the request from your local browser, and should not count as a call from GC. Its effectively the same as having google maps open in a different browser window.
  16. Probably because its back to being dynamic by default
  17. I can't help but get the feeling that for the most part, all of these posts just fall on deaf ears. None the less, it makes me feel better to say my little bit So for my part, I understand the issues surrounding Google Maps and don't blame Groundspeak for that problem. I also seem to be one of the minority who don't mind the new maps. In fact OCM is my preferred map for most things, but I find it annoying that in GC my preference is not remembered and I have to select it each time. I also dislike the leaflet maps on the cache pages. Not only because of the pin issue on the dynamic one, but I think the OSM/OCM maps are more accurate, so why could these not be used for the small static map and the larger dynamic map on the cache page, or at least have a preference setting in the accounts which would govern the "default" map preference for each user. That way I could select OCM as my preference and have the dynamic map on the cache page, and the map page both default to using OCM. Regarding the Google/Satellite maps (which I don't use much myself), why can't these be added to the list of map choices on the map page. If they were not the default (and could not be selected in my suggestion above) then this would hugely reduce the hit rate and quite conceivable drop the usage to below Google's threshold. Just my 5c worth
  18. I've done EWFW, but may join you for Rattus... I'll start psyching myself up
  19. It saddens me to think that this might have been a cacher. Maybe he/she doesn't like nanos, but then they could have just said so. There is no reason to sign logs in such a manner
  20. Does the written log have an equivalent online log? I too would be interested to know what it said and what cache it was in... just out of morbid curiosity
  21. Come on guys - how about a concerted effort - PROJECT 7000 for SA? Let's make the top 20 again Ah yes, but if there was a way to show quality, I'm sure we would be well up there, having a lot less pointless micros than the USA and Europe
  22. Most "guesses" are based on some form of logical thought pattern. We look forward to it
  23. Fair enough, no problem with that, but a Geocheck would be nice
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