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  1. Any advice - there are black lines across the bottom of the screen - they cover the scale when on the map page - which is a nuisance?
  2. Okay - I'm not one of the chosen ones - so I'll just have to wait - thought I was going a bit moggy when I could not find it even at Play = >Search
  3. Hi Max and 99- tried but I don't see "new Map" option at all - could this be 'cause I'm not in the States? I live in Cape Town South Africa.
  4. I've heard a lot about this new map thingy, but when i look at any cache and expand the map, or go directly to the map on the heading it looks just the same as it always has - so how do I get this new updated phenomenon
  5. I wrote a Greasemonkey script a few years back which adds the height in metres to a cache listing, next to the coordinates. You can get it from https://openuserjs.o...Geocache_Height - there's also a version which works in feet. The height data comes from Google, and has the usual caveats about taking its accuracy with a pinch of salt. Yup thanks that's the one
  6. There was an an greasemonkey add-on that put the elevation on the page after the cache name, but can't find anything about it now
  7. After last weekend's First Cape Town Mega event. Hermschle and I decided to attend the event and leave the caches to a later, less crowded time. Then he alerted me to the fact that Sunday was Earthcache Day and we did the interesting earthcache along the Liesbeek River in Cape Town South Africa - Lower Liesbeek. An well researched and presented earthcache.
  8. How did you get it to work jellis? can you explain it simply please as I am not a computer expert
  9. I still have a version working. Groundspeak went to https:// a couple of months ago so the URL definitions in the original won't work. There are some other changes, too, over the last couple of years. I don't know if the original will even work without modification, and since it had a copyright notice (IIRC) I don't feel free to give out my version. The strange thing it does work on my laptop and that is also running W7 - so now I don't know
  10. Hope some one can assist - I had to reinstall Firefox on my desktop and loaded GC Waypoint Finder, but it does nothing - now I have the same script on my laptop and it works okay - any suggestions?
  11. We hiked up Vlakkenberg from Constantia and when we got to the beacon on top it was totally burnt out up there - went to check on my cache and found it tucked into its crevice and untouched by the fire which burned everything around it! so there is hope for those in Silvermine!
  12. Like Battlerat I also choose rocky areas, Unfortunately both Silvermine Reserves are closed until further notice so will have to wait to see if my two in West have survives. Also have one high above the Tokai area and this is also closed! I had one survive one of the Hermanus fires a while ago with only the box being singed - so am hopeful.
  13. Have also just switched the compass off on my Vista - solves the problem
  14. If it is the basic yellow Etrex it has a serial connection to the PC and does not draw power from it
  15. back up and working now
  16. now still out - a bit more than up within hours?
  17. Seems it has been reported on the general caching topic also, but it has been off for all of the afternoon!
  18. Is it just me or has geocheck.org stopped working - under Firefox it does not connect and times out, but it does not even show as a link of the same cache under IE?
  19. I think that this has a USB connection - believe my yellow Etrex is the only one with a serial connection. I have loaded OSM to a Vista (similar to the Legend) via mapsource
  20. I have 1000 un-found caches on my Nuvi - which I load via a GSAK macro every now and again - use it to get to the nearest road then use my trusty old Yellow Etrex to find the box. The proximity alarm is useful and lets you know when you get to around 400m of a cache. The Nuvi stores the whole cache description, hints, etc. and the last few logged finds.
  21. is Hermanus close enough? The suikerbossies have one there!
  22. bearing in mind it is only vacation time in the northern hemisphere - down south we have our vacation during your winter, but then i guess there are more earthcaches in the top half of the world also.
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