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  1. I'm keen! Last time I explored storm drains was in Pietermaritzburg, looking for bats when I was doing my M.Sc.
  2. As we left Newlands forest this morning we met a tragically distraught lady whose 35 year old son, Nigel Roberts, has been missing since June 26th. His car was found in the Chapman's peak area, but by this stage she is desperately following every lead and searching everywhere. Apparently the police and helicopters with infra-red scopes have searched for him, to no avail. I think it is highly unlikely that he can have survived on the mountain in this weather. If he is still on the mountain, his body may well be in a cave or mine adit. Something to bear in mind if geocaching with children; check these places out first, before allowing children to follow you. Should anyone have any infomation about this missing man, his mother's cell is 0827401602. I have put his picture on www.dogwalkers.org.za keep safe, Pam
  3. Which email should we send contributions to?
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