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  1. Thanks guys - miss my South African caching buddies. I see that so many of you are really scooting along - caching is certainly alive and well in SA. Congrats to Paddy who also screamed past 1800 - we continue to run fairly parallel. Most of my caching here is by myself and Winter certainly slowed things down with so many of the caches buried. Winter is near the end now so hopefully my caching opportunities will improve. The area I am in is very rural and has few caches so any caching involves a significant drive so some planning always required. Safe caching to you all.
  2. Congrats Andy - you are really scooting along - excellent.
  3. Congratulations from over the sea and in the aftermath Hurricane Sandy and 3 powerless days. I love seeing how you guys are all getting the Matrix sorted. It is such an achievement and involves really getting "down and dirty" with caching. I love that for the most part all the guys having achieved it or well on their way have also been part of my wonderful experiences caching in Africa. I understand the elation in completion of the Matrix in the Cederberg as that also did it for me on Cedar Skeleton. A fantastic area. I look forward to the next full matrix achievements. All the best to you all.
  4. Well done Terunkies - loved our hikes together. Heres to many more for you guys and by the way - LOVE your signature phrase!
  5. Well done on joining the ton club Brian - great achievement. Sad I missed your recent challenges - nicely done on those. All the best.
  6. I could not think of a better chap. Well done Grant. (still laugh at that "retired geography teacher vision"). All the best and regards to the family.
  7. Well done Paddy - great achievement and lots of very high quality ones in that number too!
  8. I totally agree with all this discussion. Personally I find it astounding that anyone would want to, and indeed cheat oneself. I have seldom found in 8 years of caching a group of folk with such high integrity as cachers. Can the person who has precipitated this discussion be councelled and brought back on board. That would be the responsible thing to do perhaps?
  9. Yup - I have dropped a few .... waiting for publication..... now we have to add some in New Hampshire - a bit sparse in our area..... Watch this space......
  10. Wow you guys - well done to Huskies, Hesamati and Terunkie - racking them up. Here in New Hampshire not so many caches but I did my first one on the area by cycle. Was funny as I got to GZ in my usual enthusiasm then realised that I only had my SA caches loaded so had to cycle back, load the NH ones and return so I guess the cache was actually done twice! Miss all you guys!
  11. Hi guys - just wanted to say that I have been doing a little caching in Zimbabwe and have met a great chap - "Green Mealie" Have done a few of his caches. They are of a very high standard and in fantastic locations. Please support him if you come this way. He is an ardent lover of the bush and would love meeting caching folk and may even accompany you. Feel free to contact him in the usual manner. This is brief from an Internet cafe - look forward to connectivity from next week! All the best and safe caching. Zambesiboy - actually - a lot closer to home!
  12. 3 Continents 6 Countries Opportunities missed - many!
  13. 1. South Africa 7252 2. Egypt 200 3. Namibia 182 4. Morocco 75 5. Tunisia 67 6. Swaziland 61 7. Tanzania 58 8. Kenya 55 9. Zimbabwe 53 10. Reunion 49 11. Mauritius 45 12. Botswana 39 13. Cape Verde 35 14. Mozambique 33 15. Seychelles 29 16. Uganda 26 17. Zambia 25 18. Angola 18 19. Djibouti 14 19. Gambia 14 19. Lesotho 14 22. Senegal 13 23. Ethiopia 12 24. Algeria 11 24. Ghana 11 24. Libya 11 27. Malawi 9 28. Mali 8 29. Mauritania 7 29. Nigeria 7 31. Madagascar 6 32. Cameroon 5 32. Congo 5 34. Niger 4 34. Saint Helena 4 34. Sudan 4 37. Burkina Faso 3 37. Rwanda 3 37. Sao Tome & Principe 3 37. South Sudan 3 41. Benin 2 41. Gabon 2 41. Sierra Leone 2 44. Burundi 1 44. Chad 1 44. Comoros 1 44. D.R.C. 1 44. Equatorial Guinea 1 44. Eritrea 1 44. Somalia 1 44. Togo 1 With Sawasawa in Kenya I am keen to see the position of Kenya in this list. Currently in 8th position I reckon even 4th position could even be challenged! Come on Chris we are watching......
  14. For those who like puzzles - have a look at this one GC3B411 - it is in Germany. Go to the map - select the larger map and zoom out - power trail with a difference.......... Jeanne - for you?
  15. I have to agree with the last few comments..... I started caching more than 8 years ago - took more than 3 years to get to 100 and another few years to crack 1000. In the last year or two the proliferation of caches makes those numbers quite easy to achieve. Having different goals however adds a new element to caching - filling the matrix is just one of those. Finding all the caches that have a "5" in them is another. All of the caches on Table mountain yet another. All these are totally personal and do not impact in any others interpretation or enjoyment of caching. That is one of the great aspects of this sport - it IS all things to all people. As thye would say in Zimbabwe - "Aluta continua!" Look forward to seeing folk on Saturday.
  16. Well done Paddy!!! - The band of four now. Hats off to Andy for providing the focus and excitement of this aspect of caching - so nice to have goals.
  17. Or both at the same time and same cache????
  18. Well done Ipajero - fantastic achievement and so nice to share the consequent FTF with you today! And then there were three musketeers - who is next?????
  19. Belated welcome Bruce (especially after you have already published 2 for me!)Its a hard, demanding and often thankless task I am sure but we as players are so grateful for all the reviewers efforts. All the best to you and the team!
  20. Well done Carbon Hunter - certainly a wonderful milestone and one for me that took a looooooooong time!
  21. Outstanding Cow and Chicken - 3000 wow - that certainly seems so far away. Well done!
  22. No moss under your feet Adilawson - well done!
  23. Well done - that's great - took me 5 years to get there!
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