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Congrats to NJ's Stayfloopy for hitting 7000!


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Congratulations! you have travelled a long way since 1999 (1 BGC) when you wrote:

"I like to watch the X-Files but other than that I'm frankly bored with television. My favorite album currently is Reel Life by Boy Meets Girl. (Don't ask me why. I have mundane tastes.) I drive a Saturn SL with manual transmission. I have a plush fox and a plush skunk. I have won Riddle du Jour twice and Riddler four times. I can swim but can do only the backstroke. During summer weekends, I travel to distant locations in New Jersey in search of new malls, beaches, and parks. I have a bag of big clam shells from a beach on Long Beach Island. My computer (Dell 486DX/50) is three years old and runs both Linux 2.0 and Windows 95. The monitor, floppy drive, and keyboard have all been replaced. (I wonder why this $15 keyboard is more durable than the one supplied by Dell.) I like Breyer's All-Natural ice cream and ripe cantaloupes but not together."


source (http://www.nic.com/~cheah/aboutme.html)


Hope you have enjoyed the ride..................

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My brother-in-law MarkSun (who is about to approach the much more modest milestone of 200, which though a little further away is my next milestone as well) was just mentioning Floopy's 7000 to me today. I (we) remember "bumping into you" at Train Stop 1 cache right near our home about 2 years ago in our early caching days. Mega congratulations!

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:anitongue: DARN! I was hoping that I was going to be one of the first ones to congratulate you - I can't even get an FTC!!! Well, you certainly deserve all of these accolades and more! I've had the privelege of watching you do a find - you are amazing! I wish that I can spend more time with you but I don't think that I could keep up! Congratulations StayFloopy (I'll keep your real name a secret) - as Sonny & Sandy say "Stay Safe and Keep on Cachin!"
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