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  1. Today, I discovered that viewing for Geocaches in satellite mode that the image can be rotated similar to Bings Birdseye view. However, a few hours later the rotate map feature was gone? Here is how I was able get to the rotating maps.Search for Geocaches> Click Map> Select SatelliteIn satellite mode > click the 4 squares at bottom right of screen> Click the U shaped arrow to rotate image.Here is snap shot.This function stopped working. Not sure why Here is proof of what I noticed. Any ideas?
  2. Thomfre, I have no idea how to block cookies. I only have one brain cell. Uminski
  3. Thanks Marty. I did not read the small print until you featured it. I will wait.
  4. I spent over 30 minutes and multiple visits to the Privacy Policy and Terms of agreement. I even read the GOOGLE privacy link featured the Geocaching policy page. Each time I press the I agree tab, nothing happens.
  5. Hi Happy New Year ! I cannot access Geocaching.com due to I suspect my computer operating system???? I cannot get past the " I agree " green tab to proceed. I agree with the new policy however, the website will not acknowledge my mouse clicks on the (I AGREE) tab. When I go to Geocaching.com, I am prompted with new updated terms of use and Privacy policy. Near the bottom of the page was a BLUE box " THIS SITE USES COOKIES' to accept Cookies. I clicked the (ACCEPT) BLUE box and then near the middle of the screen, I read the Terms of use and privacy policy. When I hover my mouse over the (I AGREE) green button, the mouse changes from a white arrow to a white right hand with pointing index finger. However clicking on the I agree tab does not respond. My PC is running Windows XP and Google chrome. I also tried using Firefox unsucessfully. I cannot update the operating system due to two software packages, I use for work. Please advise. Uminski alan.uminski@verizon.net
  6. This site can’t provide a secure connection klokantech.com uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
  7. Not sure what a script blocker is? I will explore kloc...and mapbox.com
  8. I passed the test I saw the spinning box.
  9. Hi Geocaching.com Map is not working. Could it be a Windows XP issue? Recently I have not been able to use the Geocaching.com Map under the For Online Maps.... When I am viewing a geocache web site, all the other online maps work (MyTopo Maps, Google Maps, Map Quest Etc.) except for the map that shows all adjacent geocaches. The Geocaching.com Map works on my work PC running Windows 10, however my home PC running Windows XP does not. With windows XP after I click on the link for *Geocaching.com Maps all I see is a totally blank white screen. I like to see what other Geocaches are nearby and the only option I have is under the FIND... All nearby caches. However, that is only a list not a map. Similarly, I can no longer view Geocache locations using Google Earth. Besides the obvious to upgrade to Windows 10, can anyone suggest another way to view geocaches in map view?
  10. I Figured out how to get Geocache locations to become visible on Google Earth. I had to SIGN IN to GOOGLE account. At the top right hand corner of Google Earth is a Sign in button. After signing in to Goolge Gmail account, then Geocaches appeared in Google Earth. I did not have to upgrade Google earth. Simple and easy fix.
  11. Hi Google Earth does not list the nearest 500 Geocaches anymore? I am seeking some software advise for running Google Earth Geocache viewer with a Dell Computer running Windows XP. In the past, I have used Google Earths Geocaching viewer to see nearby geocaches when running Google Earth. Currently when I open Google Earth and click on Geocaching Google Earth viewer, I can not see see any nearby caches after I select a search area. In the past the KML file worked fine. Currently It does not work. Recently, I downloaded from my profile page the Geocacher viewer and saved the KML file GeocachingNetworkKML.kml file on my computer. When I open Google Earth, I add the .KML file. I see the Geocaching Google Earth Viewer and the CHECK box is filled, however it shows something odd. There is an icon of a Folder with an orange dot and a cable next to check box.
  12. I have my doubts if this geocacher actually visited ALL his posted finds. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=528c58fc-2986-441a-beb9-776856863cec pyxis.praha I recently noticed he posted finds prior to the original published date. On 1/1/2010 http://coord.info/GCZCMW http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCZCHA http://coord.info/GC218GA
  13. Greetings RE: Email Notification Not Working. It is NOT working for me. There is a 3 to 4 hour delay I noticed over the last few weeks. ITs frustrating to get the late email and the geocache has been found already. Today is the latest example. On March 15, 7:00 am and about 9:00 am today I checked my email and none related to new geocaches. Around 9:30 I checked my email and I found about a new geocache with the email recieved date stamped 6:43 am. It was almost 3 hours late. Of course when I looked at the geocache it was found already. I have a 20 mb/sec verizon email web account. Maybe it's verizons fault? Frustrated FTF hound Regards Uminski
  14. I just ordered a new Delorme PN-20 for $99. I was surprized at the cost. <Content removed by moderator>
  15. I was curious who is the Geocacher with the most hidden Geocache stashes? Is there a ranking list similar to the list of Rankings for Geocachers with 200 or More Finds by Geocacher Location similar to this list, but listing the number of hides? http://www.cacherstats.com/LocationIndex.html
  16. Greetings Andy, Thanks for the nice note and photo. Regards Uminski
  17. Thats a funny photo. "Its got to be here somewhere"
  18. I was curious, what are the approx. sizes or dimensions of the largest Geocache containers? How does a 95 gallon container rate? Does anyone know what the LARGEST Geocache container is ?
  19. Greetings Egypt Ends GPS Ban Until this week three countries banned GPS use: Egypt, Syria and North Korea. Egypt recently allowed cars and mobile device with GPS units allowing in the country. I quess I will never be Geocaching in Syria or North Korea. http://apb.directionsmag.com/archives/5651-.html REgards Uminski
  20. Greetings BEELINE GPS worked for me. I do use ARCGIS 9.2. I never used GPX files before, but the ARCtool box has so many converstion options. I will try converting GPOX files into SHP files and use the TRimble software to navigate to point. thanks for the suggestion.
  21. Greetings I have a Trimble GEO XH GPS running on Windows CE and was seeking software to easily load many GEOCACHE points easily. I was looking for something like GSAK but that is not supported for Windows CE. Trimble has one similar application, however it is only for cell phones. I tried all the software on Geocaching.com \Resources \ tools and downloads \software. But none are supported for Windows CE. Any suggestions?
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