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  1. We're in if you need more help than just ekitt10! We also have TB cache in New Jersey if that helps --> Travel Bug Train Stop
  2. Probably Resolve (GC15JBT). It is a puzzle but a simple one, that uses the Teddy Roosevelt statue in front of the museum as a starting point (the cache is 330 feet away in the direction that Teddy is staring). Excellent - we just found out this is exactly where we are meeting our friends - Thanks much!
  3. Just curious what the closest cache to the Museum of Natural History is?
  4. A GPS has been found near Thompson Troll Contact us if it is yours!
  5. Penndel Cache (archived) has tudes out in the ocean, causing Find Farthest East to show as Pennsylvania.
  6. Check out GCKAM8 - Cabela's Travel Bug Motel. Its' a quick park and grab cache located off I-70 east or west bound exit, and it's also fun to visit the store!
  7. We will be traveling I 70 though Ohio/Indiana and picking up I 74 headed to Springfield Illinois and are looking for must do caches along the route. Nothing to take us too far off the beaten path, will just need to stretch the legs a few times. Any must do's anyone can share? Thanks, TwoCat
  8. We will be visiting Savannah GA on 6/30 - 7/2 and are staying in the historic district (so they say) - zip code 31401. Does anyone have any suggestions for MUST DO urban caches?
  9. If it's not too late for your visit, we would recommend GCTAEE - very cool location!
  10. You should also check out www.centraljerseygeocaching.net
  11. First - Welcome to the fantastic world of Geocaching! You should sign the physical log with your on-line handle. If you don't your on-line logs may be deleted because the CO (Cache Owner) will not see your on-line handle on the physical log, that is if the CO is actully checking the physical logs vs. the on-line logs. Most COs won't verify unless they are suspicious of people logging on-line without really visiting the cache. If you are concerned about caches you have already found you can email the CO to indicate you signed the physical log with a different name. Then it is up to the CO. Happy Caching!
  12. Our thoughts go out to our geocaching friends (and everyone) in the Myrtle Beach area. Not being in the area it is difficult to determine the status of the fires today, but we hope you are safe and the fires are out soon!
  13. Congrats! And keep on cachin......
  14. Congrats kenvilguy! And keep on cachin.......
  15. In Deleware check out: They Don't Make Housecalls Anymore - GCNZP3 I'd add the link, but I never have good success with that!
  16. Congrats to Old Navy for hitting the 1K mark at Cushetunk Climb on 2/14!
  17. Belated congrats - you must be close to 10,000 by now! We are in awe...
  18. We say bring on more! It is a shame however to go to a specific cache to find a listed coin is not there. We don't get the point of stealing other people's stuff. And to the cache owners that know the trackables are missing - why not take the time to mark them missing? People will still visit your cache anyway....
  19. Not quite as dramatic, but our future Neice-in-law sent us some pofessional engagement pictures that were taken in a park we have a few caches in. The first few pictures show them sitting on a bench in the park and I'm thinking "gee, to bad there is no cache on/near this bench." Then some of the subsequent pictures show them on a bridge with a tree behind them and I'm thinking "cool, there is a cache at that tree!". But not to worry, I was also thinking about the engaged couple!
  20. Congrats! And keep on caching....
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