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  1. Congrats to my Prodigy FFEMTANDERSON on find #200 Normanock, near Culver lake.
  2. Well Done !!! Crazy numbers.. Keep em coming !!
  3. KEEP IT UP !! Congratulations on the milestone..
  4. Congrats on the Milestone !
  5. To all my fellow Union County hunters and any our friends from around the state. Use extreme caution and wear every flourescent article of clothing you own if you plan to cache in Watchung reservation. A deer hunt is in progress now until 8pm March 7th. So keep your bulllwinkle hats in the closet..
  6. Congrats on the first of many milestones !!
  7. I posted a few pics of my adventures but I don't openly promote it on my page..
  8. Congrats on the grand... keep it up !!
  9. SICK NUMBERS !!! Congratulations...
  10. Out here in the garden state we like to climb old rusty water towers on federal land. GC12YMW
  11. 119 deer killed so far in Essex County hunt The Essex County-sponsored deer hunt at South Mountain Reservation today yielded 17 deer, bringing the total number of deer removed to 119, according to Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo. The take includes six deer -- four males and two females -- from the morning session and 11 more -- four males and seven females -- from the afternoon, DiVincenzo added. The 119 deer have been culled from the 2,047-acre reservation since the hunt began Jan. 29. Volunteer sharpshooters working from tree blinds have killed a total of 54 males and 65 female deer on the three days the hunt has been allowed. The reservation stretches across Millburn, Maplewood, West Orange and South Orange, and the hunt is scheduled to take place on most Tuesdays and Thursdays until Feb. 28. DiVincenzo said the hunt would be suspended Tuesday because of Lincoln's birthday, and the park will be open.
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