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Will we or won't we?

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And before anyone complains yes this is totally Geocaching related, and strictly applies to only the UK Geocaching community :( .


As for the details, well as there are that many puzzle setters/solvers out there, you'll have to work out the question.


The information needed to solve it :)


It applies strictly to the UK Geocaching community [though anyone can have a guess at the answer]

The information is available on the net via geocaching sites [but I'm not telling you which one :mad: ]

It will be a first for the UK if this happens :)


All I'll supply to answers is a Yes or No :mad: sorry no hint's when a answer is partially correct


The prize just the warm fuzzes on being correct :):(


[and yes Eckington and Lactodorum do know the answer, but it will take the biggest bribe in Reviewer history to make them reveal it :) ]


Deceangi :):)

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In reply to every one but my colleague, it's a big...................................................No :(


Keep trying :)


The answer is out there, you've just got to make the connection


Just to recap :mad:


it's a first for the UK caching community

The information is on "a" geocaching site, if you look in the right place and get the cogs working correctly.

Oh and the information is available for anyone to see :mad:


I'm away from the PC for a few hours :)


They do - every year :)


What you got a pay rise :) , they must have missed me out :(:)

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All puzzle caches being archived and a www.puzzlecaching.com site due to go live ?


Or is it the new servers are being installed


Or is letterboxer.org about launch after an absolute age of being owned by Groundspeak ?


Orr has deego pulled his finger out and taken peaks.org out of the sandbox into live action ?

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We are going to get a warning BEFORE they do the maintenace thing

Quote jeremy"


When we're about to upgrade the system we'll give you about a day's notice for the downtime. Usually we pick a time in the week where we have the lowest traffic - so we apologize ahead of time to the folks in Europe who usually get impacted the most. However this will hopefully have a huge impact on the current issues improving the experience overall."

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Micros to be made illegal, all current micros to be archived and all micro cache setters to be cast into the fiery pit. :mad::):(:)




The good thing about micros is that people can't put rubbish in them :mad:


So, back to the question: are we getting a new container option 'good swaps inside'?





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Ok YES or NO answers then please


Is it a new category of cache type? No <_<


Is it a new category of event type? No ;)


Can the answer be found on http://www.geocache.co.uk/? Yes


Can the answer be found on www.geocaching.com? Yes, but will take more work :)


Can the answer be found on http://forums.Groundspeak.com/? No


Would the bribe be the usual pint then? as long as that's a chilled Perrier Water :)




Sorry folks it does not feature GC features, I don't speculate about what Jeremy has in the pipeline :)

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Are we all going to get training on how to use our GPSs? I still can't even figure out where the punch card goes in.
GP what?


Is it something you know that we dont that makes you feel more important / in the know than us :o<_<


Edited to say we know lot more than him so we are more important ;)

Edited by Mr.Dewdrop
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