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  1. nope, nope and nope but looking forward to seeing who can. Vanya
  2. This sounds interesting. I'l introduce myself, Im Vanya from The Dancing Samurais. There is also Dan who comes into the forums sometimes as Samurai Dan.
  3. Great designs Anyway... I loved already mentioned Kaliedascope and Spiro so perhaps either or a play on words. Sorry about the spelling. Vanya
  4. When you visit other countries how do you read the cache pages if theyre not in English? Ta Vanya
  5. Thanks for replying and youve been most helpful. Job done. Ta again Vanya
  6. Hi I just did something silly. I activated a TB under my caching name and not my geomutts (he has a cache account) and need to swap it over. Ive looked everywhere on how this is done and cant find any info. Please help. Vanya
  7. Thanks I have now got in using the 2nd link
  8. I can't seem to get in on any of the links provided
  9. Don't forget your big box of baby wipes folks
  10. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...d4-52420aa55f85 It would be great to be able to extend the bookmark from A1 Drive-bys: London to Edinborough (sure I just spelt that wrong)
  11. I bet a few of the old teachers are still haunting the place though Have you put a cache out to commemorate the refit?
  12. I can't wait for my next visit. It sure is a beautiful place When I come back it will be with a tent as there are a few places that Id like to go next time
  13. Southgate West Junior and Holy Trinity CofE I don't remember anyone at my schools called Geocornetto though LOL GeoCornetto only came out at night... I was at HolyTrinity from '88 to '92. I left in '84 and moved to Stevenage in '87 I still have family ties to Crawley but havent visited for a couple of years. I may come back though if you keep to your promise and put more caches out as there are round Basingstoke
  14. Realy... Ive live in Bewbush for 30 years? What schools? www.geocaching.com/friends-reunited Southgate West Junior and Holy Trinity CofE I don't remember anyone at my schools called Geocornetto though
  15. That was spooky looking at the map on the event page. I saw where I lived growing up and 2 schools I went to on there.
  16. Hia I just spent a long weekend in Paignton with my youngest Tinkerbell who is 8 years old. We both thoroughly enjoyed caching there and introduced my best friend and her husband to it. There are a few quicky caches which we liked and they were all in really nice areas that were either scenic or near the beach. Even though Tinkerbell loves caching she loves the beach too so she didnt have to spend long looking for the cache so that she got more time on the beach 1 of our favourite caches was a Virtual called 'Face it, youre stumped!' by Stuey. No cache box but Tinkerbell enjoyed the counting and the object that the cache was centered around. The area caters for all caching tastes we found: woods, parks, cliff path walks, beach walks, prom walks, cache and dashes, churches and local areas of interests and fun tongue in cheek caches. We did a mixture and look forward to going back in Tinkerbells Summer holidays for a week or two to do more caching there. I noticed that there are a cluster of caches and trig points along the coastal path which we aim to cover over a weekend. That way we get the walking and scenery we enjoy but we get to see places of interest such as Babbacombe Cliff Railway and the Minuture Village as well as pick up caches and trigs. The Torbay Landmarks are really nice caches and I noticed when I came back the cache owner is still adding to them Hope this helps and enjoy what Paignton has to offer.
  17. My hand is up for The Dancing Samurai
  18. Hi I stayed in Drogheda on the Spring Exinox. Im sure I just spelt that wrong I was only there 2 or 3 days so didnt get much caching in atall but noticed that there were some really beautiful Boyne River cache walks that I would have liked to do. I picked up a few trads round the areas that I visited which I was thrilled at. The Hill of Tara, Hill of Witches, Dowth and there was one more which I cant remember off hand. I nearly got the Newgrange cache but as it is located in the car park which was shutting I was peeved because I was literally feet away from it. I vowed I would go back with my family who would love the area for its spiritual and historical places of interest and to get that bloomin' Newgrange cache I know you will fall in love with the area because it is fairy magickal Vanya PS Are you staying in that lovely B and B beside the Dowth mound? It is a well known B and B run by a lady called Elizabeth and I highly recommend it. I slept in the same bed as many famous Irish pop stars
  20. I always wondered what multi was short for!!!
  21. This one comes with an arrow to guide you in. I may need a little help though because the arrow seems to have a larger girth than the last one. That one had extra length
  22. Did you just neck all the champagne and not save me any? FFS You can get a bloody tank through there!!!
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