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  1. Hi all, just wanted to ask a quick question if someone has a map for San Francisco that could be imported into (or has already been converted to) Memory Map? Looking for the area of Union Square down to Golden Gate Bridge / Fisherman's Wharf. Thanks and Happy Hunting The Hoffies
  2. "Danke für den Cache" seems to fit...
  3. Just a quick note to say that we successfully used the O'Tom tool a couple of times last weekend while caching near Beer Head in Devon. Checking for these creatures has now become just another part of a day out caching. We bought them through bada-uk.org, a little bit more expensive but it also helps with the charity (we hope). Happy Hunting
  4. Basically you set up a seperate email account, a lot of people use gmail for this function. What GSAK does is search your inbox for pocket queries and will automatically add them to your database. Have used GSAK for 680 odd days and never knew this function existed...amazing! I wonder what else it can do, does it make coffee?
  5. Hi, not sure about functionality like gsak, but you can view OS maps, load caches etc using Viewranger software. Have a look here. Only used the trial version so far but will get 1:50k maps for the South West later this month. Happy Hunting edit: link now working
  6. Does anyone know how to get rid of an 'uncalculated' UK / Ireland County (under Finds by Location)? I know which cache it is, but don't know how I can allocate the correct county to it. Thanks
  7. It is possible to import maps into Memory Map. I think you just need to install the European Version that can be downloaded. My guess is, the challenge will be to find suitable jpg/bmp files for Spain. I once managed to get a map loaded into Memory Map for a part of Germany we went to. Good luck
  8. Also in the Lakes, in July 2005, 9 days - 17 finds.
  9. [nag] The good thing about micros is that people can't put rubbish in them So, back to the question: are we getting a new container option 'good swaps inside'? [/nag]
  10. Just been looking at our caching milestones and noticed the following statement below the graph: "Based on your overall rate of 0.12 finds per day, you'll find number 200 around 11/28/07 and the big 1000 around 2/27/26." Hold fire on the "big" congrats thread If your stats are similar I suggest we have a race! Any takers? Keep smiling Dirk
  11. Just bought a bluetooth GPSr for our Nokia N80, we were wondering if anybody else uses Viewranger and what they make of it? Is there any other mapping software that runs on Nokia's? Thanks & Happy Hunting Dirk
  12. If it's decided that 'Bath & North East Somerset' will be part of the challenge then I would like to add my name to the list
  13. 2 years and 5 months for 100. That was 12 months ago, have added 42 since then...well on track to complete 200 by Christmas next year Looking at the rate by which new caches are placed I reckon I only have to travel within a 20 minute radius around our place to find 58 more caches but we normally sort caches by 'date placed' in gsak to decide which ones we would like to find, especially near our home. Congratulations to all slow cachers!
  14. Hi, personally, I think the way you can now manage 'Overlays' and their properties is so much better / easier. Dirk
  15. Yes, thank you for organising it, Dave. Some people left the Pub in a hurry; either they didn't pay or cache details were handed out...
  16. Hi NickPick, if you still need some help with the reply you can pm me what you would like to send and I'm happy to translate. Your: "Thanks for the reply. I hope they get better soon, and that my TB should be the least of their worries" would be along the lines of: "Danke fuer die Antwort. Ich hoffe es geht ihm bald besser. Meine Frage ueber den TB ist nicht so wichtig und kann warten." Dirk (Full-time German) P.S. did anyone mention the war ???
  17. Let's hope I remember to check this thread in January - we would like to join the fun, can't really say 'no' if it happens in our backgarden Happy to help organise it if required Dirk
  18. I think we would like to meet the one that makes up half the entries on the "caches nearest to my home coordinates" page As they say 'build it and they will come' or something along those lines DTD
  19. Thanks for the quick replies! I will have a go and see what happens. Haven't had time to look at the Waymarking site yet ... guess it will happen sooner or later.
  20. Hi, is there a way to download all of the 250 or so locationless caches in gpx format? PQ's only return results within a certain radius I think. Thanks Dee
  21. Both got the name right and the place it's from... but the second sentence reads ' please show me your european world ' - now, I'm splitting hair D
  22. Hi, could I ask to be added to the list, please? Just got back from a couple of weeks camping in the Lakes and we found #100 at GCHG1M. Couldn't have wished for a nicer cache to celebrate (a very slow!) 100. Special thanks to 'the smileys' for guiding us through a beautiful part of the country. Need to start logging the finds now...
  23. @ Tigger - fantastic, thanks ever so much! I can't believe the sort of files that are available (Mountains in Switzerland - 6152 apparently) @ wildlifewriter - that would take some time to call out each one of them, I go with Tigger this time note to myself - don't go caching with Ullium Thanks everyone. One other question - no that I've loaded all Safety Camera Positions into Memory Map (oh, and Lifeboat Stations ) is there a way of renaming the 'Marks' Category into something else without editing every single entry in that category (hope that makes sense)? Cheers
  24. Just wondered, does anybody have a list of all Lifeboat Stations in electronic format to load into Memory Map? Thx
  25. I just like to say a big thank you to kbootb for asking the question. The info in this topic is brilliant as we are also looking to place our first cache. I feel a lot happier already! Happy caching!
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