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THX4TC Jeep contest!


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Here's mine. '86 XJ Wagoneer. 3" Rusty's lift, 30x9.5 ATs. Not much has been done to it. Just the lift, and I replaced the doors because the bottom of the original doors rusted completely off, and the seats also due to rusting apart. The 2.8l motor was replaced before I bought it, but it's still another junky 2.8 in there. Stock original auto tranny, and xfer case. 218k miles and still going strong. The first pic is near Take It and Break It. This cache introduced me to Geocaching, and I made the trip up, about 225 miles one way, just to find this cache for my 1000th find. In the second pic that's the ammo can I used to replace the cracked and soaked container that was there....it's right next to the cache location sitting by the wheel of my Jeep.





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My 'Jeeo' as people call it, missing the tail off the 'P'

1996 Grand Cherokee, 320k ....... and rides like new, and yes my next one will be another Jeep!




Down rock cliffs and on ocean beds in Escuminac NB


Drove 26 hrs (1600km) through ice and snow, side swiped by a fuel tanker on the last 50k .........

Jeep took some damage, me, my son, a dog and two birds ........... from Ontario to New Brunswick, not even a bruise!


From hockey and ball tourneys, to road trips, and everywhere in between, now the caching machine!


If I can't shovel it, i'll just drive over top of it!


Wish I could find more photos ..... but here's a winter caching day down a mud/snow road with a load of the girls and of course Belle rarin to go!




Escuminac Lighthouse (I'll be placing a cache here when it's accessible)



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Keep posting... Finals start in about 10 days... We will pick the top ten around the 25th.. Then you have have about one week to pick the top three for the last seven coins.... The mint is in peek season and these coins are looking to be in around the 2nd week in May... Thanks for all the photos....

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My parents at SandyKorners in MI playing on the Sand Dunes with their Jeepster group. They rented Jeep Wranglers and climbed the dunes. We are planning to hit there this summer. (Note: I am in no way affiliated with Sandykorners)

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Well it may not be a "traditional" jeep but it is still a Jeep! I had a good time until the end of this day! I did this a couple years back up in the NJ pine barrens. You know it's a good 4x4 day when you have to swim from your truck!










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Ok, here's my pics - out in Sedona Arizona visiting my uncle. We took his Jeep out to where they have tours at a place called Broken Arrow. We descended the "Road of no Return" and I almost wet my pants!

I have owned 3 Jeeps and would never drive anything BUT a Jeep! Enjoy:



These were taken as my face was plastered to the windshield. I don't know how I didn't drop the camera! Thank goodness for seatbelts!


This is another group out exploring, we were in this same spot but I couldn't figure out a way to get out and climb up here for a picture.


These are the "cute" Jeeps that they do tours with! PINK???


Oh.. one last one:


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Not my jeep, but it was working overtime at the CITO we hosted last year!




Like he needed a push...lol!


These are both of "BIG GREEN" owned by 1markymark1.


My vote is for this Jeep. It is working along with the environment and geocaching pictured at an CITO event. I think the same Jeep is posted above in another pic with a massive rock behind it called the Big Green Expedition Jeep.

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B) we have our ten finalist. The top ten are in no order just they way we listed them. There where a lot of great photos we looked through them and had some friends look through them and we picked the ten we liked best. Now vote for the one you like. You can see the finalist and winners atcontest pages you can order the coins Here. Please only vote once. Thanks!


1st finalist: Mauison



2nd finalist: glennk721



3rd finalist: GeoSmurfz



4th finalist: MommyFinder



5th finalist: nolefan9399



6th finalist: The Herd



7th finalist: TheCollector



8th finalist : Damenace



9th finalist: Red Otter



10th finalist: Sliver & Lucy



There you have it. Good luck to all. Now start the voting.

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