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  1. I haven't been on the forums in quite a while Imagine my surprise when I found an envelope addressed to me sent by me.... inside was a stressed mystery geocoin and proxy! Thank you to the Mystery coin sender it made my day even though I'm not too stressed about my missing coins, I discovered that if I send out a large number of coins some ill keep moving and distract me from those that go missing. Thanks for the pleasant surprise. You can follow it's travels here: TB5R812
  2. I host an annual event here PGCAR, it costs time and money to put it on in the past I've posted that a donation to help covers costs would be appreciated. This year I put out a donation jar. Generally I come close to my costs every year. If I can't recoup costs on the big annual event it will go away. People have suggested an admission cost to attend but my feeling gas always been That the attendees donate what they think it's worth so far they feel it's a worth while event.
  3. I always share FTF with anyone I'm with when the cache is found
  4. Being in northern British Columbia, bear sightings are common in the trail (even in my yard) as well as moose (the animal I am more wary about) I have followed Cougar tracks but they are pretty rare. I almost always carry near bells or keys on a chain to make some noise. Healthy bears have no interest in being near us and will run only attacks I've ever heard of are ones that were surprised (which is why u carry Bells)
  5. Hi There, I have a new project coming up and need to sell off some of my older coins. some are in limited qtys. Plumbrokeacres Antique Copper 2007 $10 now $5 Stormcloud Antique Copper W/ Glow Lightning bolt & eyes $12 now $9 Stormcloud Black Nickel W/ Glow Lightning bolt & eyes $12 now $9 Stormcloud Satin Gold W/ Glow Lightning bolt & eyes $12 now $9 Stormcloud Geocoin set of 4 (includes Glow in the dark AE) $48 now $40 PGCachers Group Coin Antique Copper $12 Now $9 PGCachers Group Coin Satin Gold $12 Now $9 PGCachers Group Coin Satin Gold Glitter $12 Now $9 PGCachers Group Coin Satin Gold Glow $12 Now $9 Shipping $5 anywhere in Canada & US for up to 5 coins
  6. Longest time from publishing to finding here is a cache I hid aug 4,2008 and was found 8 months 9 days later. GC1A6GH Ohmmmmmmmmmm! http://coord.info/GC1A6GH
  7. I still have coins available. the Glow in the Dark AE edition is almost sold out. Can get your own by following the links below: Stormcloud Green Glitter $12US Stormcloud Red Glitter $12US Stormcloud Blue Glitter $12US Stormcloud Red Glitter Glow in the dark AE (only 5 left) $15US Stormcloud Geocoin 4 coin set includes AE Glow edition (only 9 left) $48US
  8. Please click on the picture or link to purchase a coin
  9. I am clearing out my 2007 Edition Plumbrokeacres Geocoin for $5 each till May 31 or they are sold out. Plating: Antique Copper, Antique Gold And Black Nickel Paint: Soft enamel/Imitation Hard enamel Size: 38mm (1 1/2") Thickness: 3.0mm Front: 2D Back: 2D Trackable: Yes on Geocaching.com Custom Icon: Yes (Canadian Cacher) Year Minted: 2007 Antique Copper - Only 30 left Antique Gold - Only 4 left Black Nickel - Only 15 left
  10. First batch of orders are on the way, Get yours here: Glow in the Dark Artist edition the photo does not do the coin justice in the dark it is really bright Here is a link to the coins: Stormcloud Green Glitter $12US Stormcloud Red Glitter $12US Stormcloud Blue Glitter $12US Stormcloud Red Glitter Glow in the dark AE $15US Stormcloud Geocoin set $48US Remember Free Shipping in Canada & US for orders over $50
  11. Well it is May 10, 2012 and The Stormcloud Coins and pins are here and in stock Congrats to JoenSue you have won the Cointest! Here is a link to the coins: Stormcloud Green Glitter $12US Stormcloud Red Glitter $12US Stormcloud Blue Glitter $12US Stormcloud Red Glitter Glow in the dark AE $15US Remember Free Shipping in Canada & US for orders over $50 Free Pin with order ends tonight
  12. Stormcloud update: The coins and pins were shipped on Monday and just hit Customs YAY! should be here in the next day or two and I will begin shipping. Free matching Stormcloud pin with every coin Purchased ends on Thursday.
  13. This is the key for Ohmmmmmmmmm! http://coord.info/TB1F89H
  14. My favorite evil cache is called ohmmmmmmm! http://coord.info/GC1A6GH it's found on a regular basis but not opened the key is a travel bug and it doesn't stay in the area long
  15. Sorry, updated the quantities of the satin gold red glitter to 50. The coins are shipping from the mint on Monday I should have them by the end of next week. And start shipping
  16. Hi Everyone, The Stormcloud "Caching up a Storm" Geocoin is shipping from the Mint early next week. Stormcloud is a local geocacher here in Prince George British Columbia Canada. I helped him design this coin back in 2007 when I did my personal coin. Finances didn't permit a minting at that time so it went on the back burner til last spring when we went ahead with samples and finally this spring when we were finally able to bring it to Mint. We are happy to open sales of the coins Till May 10 we will be including a matching pin with each Stormcloud coin minted. and will be offering Free shipping in Canada & US for orders over $50 Some Stats: The coins are 2" there will be 150 coins in this minting and we reserve the right to remint if demand warrants it we are minting the following: 50 Satin Gold w/red $12 40 Black Nickel w/blue $12 40 Antique Copper w/Green $12 20 Satin Gold Glow AE edition $15 All coins feature Gtitter colors in the Eyes and Storm lettering as well as Yellow Glow in the dark in the eyes as well as Lightning bolt the AE Glow edition features a Glow in the dark body as well as eyes and Lightning bolt Coins can be purchased here: Satin Gold - Red Black Nickel - Blue Antique Gold - Green Satin Gold AE I will announce the winner of the Cointest as soon as the coins arrive
  17. Just got notice the pins will be ready to shipment week. I will post links to the coins later this afternoon and open sales.
  18. Cool! Can't wait to see them and maybe make a trade
  19. Cointest for AE Glow edition. for the first person to guess the date I will receive the coin. Rules: one guess per day First person to correctly guess which date the coin arrives on my doorstep will win. Cointest will end on May 15 on when the coins arrive have fun!
  20. I have been working on this coin since 2007, We had samples made last summer, and now I am happy to announce that they are now in production! Some Stats on the new Stormcloud "Caching up a storm" geocoin: Plating: Satin Gold, Antique Copper & Black Nickel Paint: Soft enamel - Name & inner eye Glitter outer eye & Lightning Bolt Glow in the dark Size: 51mm (2") Thickness: 3.0mm Front: 2D Back: 2D Trackable: Yes on Geocaching.com Engraving: Color Filled Laser Custom Icon: tba Cost: $12 Year Minted: 2012
  21. I hid a toilet cache on my property, called it " a place of reflection" had some great logs and comments about it.
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