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What's in your mailbox? Version 2


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Opened at the request of the OP.

Apparently there's room for more. B)





Where can i see the artwork?

I'm off to see the Chiropractor (late nights doing design work = a bad back!) As soon as I get the rest of the names needed to fill the space I"ll post the new art!

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I will be looking forward to this one! Too bad the mail truck coin has already been done! Maybe you can do a UPS Truck pulling tandem trailers for all of us next. :) Just think of a three coin set with the tractor and two trailers to decorate, some places they pull three, I think Australia lets them pull six or seven... that would give you plenty of room! Glen

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Man barley missed out on getting my name on this coin.


If possible plase put Sawblade5 on ytour next version.


If possible plase put name where PengoFamily or any other name (I see quite a few names duplicated on the coin) is duplicated.

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It's looking great Jennifer. I had put in a request (Post #178) to add C-side Girl but I didn't see it on your latest draft.


I did notice doubles of several names...Klondike M, Pengo Family (one with the space and one without), Jayman11, YVR-YYC, A Danish and Dorset Gal & Geodog.


I imagine there are few more. Can't wait to see the finished product based on the completed V1 coin.

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We just noticed a couple of others on their twice too. Team lighting bugs, Not so lost puppies and evil chicken mother hen.


If there is room after removing some duplicate names can you please add the geocacher 'mysterya' to the coin??


Thanks! :)

I posted the wrong art the first time around. In the first set one side has much smaller font, I changed the font and corrected the first side, but somehow posted the wrong one. When I corrected the font a lot of the names on the first side got put onto the other side. There should not be any duplicates now.

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