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  1. For as far as I know they are all activated by Signal the Frog, they could be adopted to your own account.
  2. Would like to get one of these. What is the name of this coin? Who made it, is it for sale or trade?
  3. De 2014 coin is volgens mij ontworpen door Ogima
  4. You can find more info here
  5. Mark wrote on facebook: Omaha and Houston
  6. Nice idea, would like to have one in my collection, when you organize an event I'll be there with my traders.
  7. It's the N.I.E.L.S. Geocoin they are made in Antique Silver (75) and Antique Gold (25)
  8. I think it is the Geoswag Coeur D'Arlene
  9. Ben benieuwd hoeveel NL 2011 coins er worden gemaakt. Weet iemand de aantallen?
  10. Stil waiting for a coin from sheltiedogshowlover, but I consider it as lost in the mail.
  11. For those interested: yesterday at geocoinfest in Cologne Avroair announced the Geocoinfest 2 Europe will be in Lisbon, Portugal. You can start making your travel plans....
  12. Today the second package arrived Packages sent all on June, 29 - nosnow - moozer - drneal - steben6 Packages received: - keewee July 13 - sheltiedogshowlover - yanagi (x2) July 2
  13. Packages sent - nosnow June 29 - moozer June 29 - drneal June 29 - steben6 June 29 Packages received: - keewee - sheltiedogshowlover - yanagi (x2) July 2
  14. Just packed my coins, will be mailed tomorrow.
  15. Jack, congrats with this very nice coin!
  16. No regrouping for me, database verified.
  17. Klavertje 4 van Vlaardingen was given out to the first 50 finders of a serie caches in Vlaardingen. You had to find 4 caches each containing a part of the "klavertje 4" when you found four parts and the bonus cache you qualified for a geocoin. More info about the caches here (listing is in Dutch). The coin: I don't have it in my collection, would like to get my hands on one.
  18. Mine arrived today in the Netherlands, thanks to the Captain.
  19. Event for the Netherlands is published: GC2DMQK The Netherlands version of the coin:
  20. For the copper template just change the S in the filename in a C and you will get it, or click here
  21. I like the idea for a geocoinfest europe. maybe it is an option to organise the european version in march/april and the original north american in september/october. The geocoin addicts can visit both...
  22. Today I found a "postpak" from the UK in my mailbox, and thought the golf coins I ordered finally arrived. But when I opened the package I found one of these very nice and heavy (85 grams) New World Order coins. I am very happy I can add this coin to my collection, many thanks go to the mystery coin sender.
  23. Rhinelander version
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