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  1. Same around here. "404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."
  2. As far as i know, it´s still checkmark. Look for his profile in WM website and mail him.
  3. The link to the Portuguese flier is unavailable. Found this one from the Instituto Português de Fotografia (A renowned Photography institution in Portugal). http://www.ipf.pt/files/fotografar_em_publico_1a_print1.pdf Basicaly an amateur Photografer can shot almost everything. Exclusions are areas that can be envolved with national security (airports, ports, water dams, energy production facilities, military instalations, transport hubs, etc...). In some cases, taking photos can be a crime (ex: military facilities). In private property the owner can forbid photography. In any case, restrictive measures can only be taken by public authorities (Police). People have the biggest protection. Legally, no one can have their picture taken without proper writen authorization (exceptions are for public figures). In practice this doesn´t happen frequently. Professional photography needs an authorization. The authorities may arrest you in case of public crime. If a complain is needed (ie: people photography) the authorities only arrest you if a complain is filled in. The police may apprehend the cameras of photos as a mean of evidence. In most cases, people like to have their picture taken so politely ask (or ask them to move away from your subject) and no one cares what you´re doing. Im some cases the police may be suspicious and ask you what you´re doing and if you ask it will probably stay like that. Common sense from both sides will be a great help.
  4. In the US i don´t know, in Switzerland it seem´s they don´t like it that much. I must say it was one of the things i didn´t like in Switzerland, The Police. I had some troubles in the airport and they complicated more than help. Here in Portugal we normally don´t have those kind of security issues but i must agree that it´s kind of suspicious taking pictures of a police station or a military facility. But, if you have doubts why not ask? I once asked to take some pictures of an ambassy plaque (Spain, a country with terrorism problems and with known cases of ETA terrorists hidden in our country) and they didn´t place any problems.
  5. Why am i not surprised?? That´s always a concern when we take a look at some categories that envolve places related to "Police", "Military", "Ambassies" etc... I had some close encounters with the authorities while geocaching (one of them while searching for a geocache near Barcelona Airporti thought i might get arrested but it turned out ok). While Waymarking i take some extra care (specially because most of the times i use a large reflex camera) and take some pictures from far away. Curiously i think here in Lisbon it will be easyer to take some shots at the American and Russia Ambassies than Israel. One of this day´s i think i´ll give it a try .
  6. manchanegra


    Olá a Todos, Venho aqui apresentar o meu pedido de desculpas a esta comunidade (não o fiz antes porque alguem me rogou uma praga e o meu PC entregou a alma ao criador) por uma brincadeira que parecia inofensiva mas que sem que nos apercebessemos tomou as proporções que todos conhecemos. Não era o que se pretendia. Seria algo para durar dois a tres dias e verificar quem é que que logava a cache sem a encontrar. Desconheço se houve alguma guerra particular ou organização secreta por trás disto tudo. No que me diz respeito assumo a minha quota de culpa no processo pois ao alinhar na bricadeira fi-lo de livre vontade. Não me peçam para revelar nomes das pessoas envolvidas porque não o vou fazer. Cada um falará se o entender fazer. Um abraço a todos AS
  7. Hi Barry, sorry to bring this matter here, but, i can´t seem to get in touch with you by email . I´ve sent you the coins that we agreed last January in the 5th of May and you got them one or two weeks later. It´s been almost 5 month since then and i´m still waiting for myh coins . I dont know what happened but i want to believe that you probably forgot or there was some kind of mail problem or something, but, it would be nice to have some kind of answer from you. If you see this please send me an email. Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  8. The events were great and everyone had a great time. Never though there would be so many geocachers around (specially in Lisbon) this time of year. The Portuguese coins are all sold out and i belive that if we had an extra 25 to 50 coins we could have sold them all. There are still a few of them available for trades in another post. The Vespa Friends Algarve have some. and there´s probably a few other geocachers willing to trade them .
  9. Bah! O Nuno não deixa aquecer nenhuma por aqueles lados. Excepto quando os mugglers se sentam em cima delas . Esta está prometida para uma proxima visita a Peniche. Aliás, já tinhamos vistoriado a zona em causa em busca de um local apropriado, mas, nunca avançamos (ainda não começou a epoca de plantação de caches 2008) . Depois temos que combinar um cafézinho (se eu conseguir encontrar o vosso numero de telefone outra vez )
  10. Se é um de Abril não sei. Sei é que isto cá para estes lados está um granel do pior. O Geo@pt está marado. As minhas caches estão todas maradas e não sei onde é que estão os backups das caches. Pensava que estava na pen mas nãop encontro. Alguem me explica o que aconteceu? Para ajudar, o site do Forum-TT foi abaixo . As tabelas crasharam e não consigo aceder ao servidor para recuperar aquilo. Raixpartam a ligação á net aqui Bolas! Acho que vou é almoçar a ver se a coisa acalma!
  11. Antonio, your icon would make a good looking coin. Seem´s like somebody wants a new coin to be produced . Kidding, but, i agree. It would make a nice coin. Acasim, that´s a new logo isn´t it? I believe that´s the first time i see it. Anyway, i will have some of these coins available for trades later on as well as some Spanish geocoins and some Portugal 2007 geocoins. I have already some trades set up with 2 or 3 geocachers (Serge, don´t go out and buy any of these coins without talking to me first but there will plenty available for trades. Regards Alberto
  12. Well, i might be wrong. My Spanish isn´t that good. When i read the post it seemed that there was a group of geocachers wanting to make a coin that represent them. Reading again, i admit that it might be a coin for the Monterey region. Let´s wait. Anyway, if they have the coin design and post it in the geocoin forum i believe it will be easy to find enough people interested. Regards AS
  13. Se necessário yo tambien puedo pagar algunas de las monedas que quedam por pagar. Puedes colocar la lista de quien falta pagar? De mi parte confirmaria se queda tudo bien con la transferencia. Si el tiempo empieza a alargarse demasiado solo en el verano tenemos las geocoins . Saludos de Portugal Alberto
  14. Hi, Naomi, It´s not a Mexican geocoin,its a personal geocoin. As far as i understood, this geocacher (or geocachers) gonini is trying to get enough money to make his own geocoin. Each person interested can join for the amount of 500 pesos and will get 15 geocoins. They have to gather 10 persons in order to get 150 geocoins minimum. If you´re interested you can contact them directly. Regards Alberto PS: Luis, as far as i understood, the coins will be trackable. They say that they investigated what was needed to track the coins
  15. Hi, can someone invite me? I´ve been away from the forums for some time but i´m trying to follow up now. Some of you have my address and it has been used mostly to release trackables here in Portugal, but, you never know. Regards Alberto
  16. OH NO! He discovered the Forum??? Now he´s not going to stop! Hey, did you take your medication today? Didn´t i told you to forget geocoins and save the money to buy a GPSr?? I remember when i started! It was juat like that! Luckly the medication made some sort of effect and now i dont want to buy and see all the geocoins. Just some . Regards Alberto aka manchanegra PS: Agora deixa-te de tretas e vai fazer os trabalhos de casa!!! Ou então plantar mais uma caixinha, mas não no jardim lá de casa
  17. Hola! Transferencia efectuada! Prueba enviada por email. Saludos! Manchanegra
  18. Hola, No es un problema, es mas una duda. Quando intenté hacer la transferencia me salio Caja de Ahorros de Salamanca y Soria en vez de Caja Duero. Si es el mismo banco no hay qualqier problema e te voy a fazer la transferencia directamente. Gracias Alberto
  19. Hola, Tengo algunos problemas con la transferencia. Cuando intento colocar los datos para la transferencia me sale el nombre y la dirección de otro banco. ¿Me puedes confirmar los datos para la transferencia? Creo que otros geocachers portugués tienen el mismo problema. Se necessário puedo pedir a Garri que transfira el dinero de españa. Qual el plazo para recebir el dinero? Gracias
  20. Hola, A mi la informacion es que los datos dicen respecto a CAJA DE AHORROS DE SALAMANCA Y SORI Morada banco PLAZA DE LOS BANDOS 15-17 37002 SALAMANCA Me pudes confirmar el IBAN e el BIC/SWIFT? Gracias Alberto aka manchanegra
  21. Hola, se ainda vengo a tiempo yo me quedo com las 10 que faltan.
  22. Hey, great story. I have some great photos of a few geocachers searching every single hole near near the "Elevador da Glória" cache while mugglers passing by were wondering what the heck was happening there. Log with the photos. I promise i will translate the post soon. Just one small correction. I had to leave after the "Elevador de Santa Justa" cache. Otherwhise i would sleep not in the couch but in the street . Regards AS
  23. Hola, la afficion ha crecido mucho en los ultimos tiempos e con esso la calidad es menor, pero, encontras muchas caches de calidad. Se vas a Lisboa en un passeo puedes encontrar facilmente 10, 20 o mas caches en un dia. Algunas de muy buena calidad otras médias e algunas más. Es el problema de lo crecimiento del numero de geocachers. Yo penso que esta competicion va a trazer más caches e que seria mejor dejar el numero de caches crecer con naturalidad. Si Portugal vay a tener mas caches que Espanha o Espanha va a tener mas caches que Portugal no es importante. Solo mostra que el geocaching es una actividad con una dinámica creciente. Lo importante es la diversion que tenemos quando colocamos o procuramos un cache. Saludos AS
  24. ME PUEDES TRADUCIR EN INGLES QUE EL CACHE HA DESAPARECIDO Y NO ESTAN LOS TB NI LOS GEOCOINS, ES QUE NI PAPA DE INGLES GRACIAS EL CACHE HA DESAPARECIDO - "The cache has disapeared" ou "the cache was muggled" NO ESTAN LOS TB NI LOS GEOCOINS-"The TB´s and geocoins are not in the cache" Puedes escrevir algo como "The cache is missing and all the TB´s and Geocoins listed in the cache are missing". Saludos AS
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