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Support your local Reviewer

El Diablo

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I reached a licensing agreement with Groundspeak this week to use Signal on a hiking staff. So I made 2 of them and thought I would give one away to a local Reviewer in appreciation for all they do.


So if you want to show how much you support them all you have to do is mention their name here, and at the end of the week (Friday) I'll do a random drawing and send them this with his or her name on it.




El Diablo

rusty is the man from mich

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I think you should make a staff for all the reviewers!


I like the way the bag man thinks!


Yup, you may have opened the wrong door! :unsure:


Certainly every Reviewer deserves one!


Better set to carving.




Ooo, bad idea. If they ALL had one, not only could they give you trouble on cache approval, they'd have something to bash you over the head with!! :mad::o:o;):P:PB)

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I put forth Cap'n Buckeye. I would like to thank him for making my dad's first cache possible




I think Cap'n buckeye should get the staff. He probably would need it to get our cache in place because its shoved down the barrel of a cannon!

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Perhaps I misread El Diablo's post. I think he is just going to put each reviewer's name in a bucket and pull out a winner. I don't think he is going to put a ticket in for each vote a reviewer gets.


There's no need to stuff the ballot box.


Oops! Sorry! I missed that. Forgive me, I come from Harold Ford country! "Vote early and vote often!" :huh:

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