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El Diablo

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OREVIEWER, I put together a 8 stage cache to find the 9th hide and O reveiwer spent over 4 hours on a SATURDAY helping me fine tune all of them. Also help put in links to all of them to find the 9th one. THat was incredible on his/her part.

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So if you want to show how much you support them all you have to do is mention their name here, and at the end of the week (Friday) I'll do a random drawing and send them this with his or her name on it.



(Is that it? :D )


That's it. Although it won't hurt to say what a good job they do. :D


El Diablo

Oh he does an excellent job! :D

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Nope, Bluegrass Reviewer hedaman.


(Has anyone considered that this may be a blatant way for cachers to do some cheese eatin (Army slang for sucking up) with your local reviewer in the hopes that they might just approve something that they wouldn't had you not mentioned it. We can only hope.... )

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Although already nominated, without a doubt Electric Mouse. Not only a speedy and careful reviewer, but also an invaluable font of wisdom and advice, especially needed locally a few months back. And her mom rocks too. The Dakotas are very glad she stayed on with us. :D


Clearly, any reviewer is worthy for their devotion to the sport - and to the community at large.


Nice idea! Thanks for doing this and honoring them.

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dot plotter


I second that nomination. Dot Plotter has been VERY encouraging to new cachers (placers) here in our neck of the woods. Dot Plotter is even patient when explaining rules (for example, about event caches) to Old Cachers like me.


The very BEST reasonn to give Dot Plotter the staff is because I have no idea who he/she is. This way, I can look around and see who's got Signal on their staff! (Wait a minute: doesn't Jeremy have Signal on his staff? Ohhhhhhh, a hiking staff!)


See how forgetful I am! Dot Plotter is great to put up with me!


- Momma Marauder

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Cache Effect.


We held a local event recently that involved placing a bunch of new caches. One of the participants misread the event guidelines, and submitted more than one micro for the event. That's legal by GC.com rules, but not in the guidelines for this particular event. CE caught that detail and pointed it out, so that corrections could be made.


Now that's going beyond the job description!

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Wow! So far there have been 50 Reviewers nominated. I still haven't seen an international Reviewer nominated though.


El Diablo

Really? Because I have. :D


Which one? I've gone back through all the posts and I can't find it. I did find one from Canada so I guess that's international. I was think more of across the big ponds though.


El Diablo

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