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  1. I don't visit the forums much, and rarely post, so I was surprised to hear about the interest in Charter Members. A few weekends ago, I was sitting around a camp fire in the middle of Michigan at a weekend event. There were old timers swapping stories, newbies asking questions, kids enjoying smoores and dogs hanging around waiting for the kids to drop their treats. Clear skies, warm temps and almost no bugs. The topic of how/when did you start geocaching came up and we all shared our stories. After I finished mine, a young guy across the fire and from across the state asked me if I was a charter member. Well, yes, I guess I am, I answered. He, for some reason, got pretty excited about that and went on and on about how few charter members were left. After a bit he asked me why I had kept up with geocaching for so long, and I had to ponder that a bit. My response? It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Geocaching has given my family the opportunity to get outdoors and explore places that we never would have for any other reason. That story we started all those years ago is still being written, one cache log at a time.
  2. Best we don't mention the levels that are forbidden to be spoken of to the masses.
  3. I have found that I don't receive emails when someone "dips" any of my coins in a cache, but I do receive emails when the coin is dropped off or picked up. If someone has your coin and is having it simply visit other caches and not actually dropping it off, I don't think you will get any notifications. Ah, quick easy explanation, thank you!
  4. I have been gifted a geocoin (TBXWCF) and the adoption went smoothly enough, but I don't receive any emails when it is logged and the watch it option is unavailable. I also can't seem to find any way editing anything other than the coin page. Suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the plans, they were spot on, here is my example before the lettering, no spoilers, lol.
  6. We have one with our "Some Like It Hot!" puzzle cache published in March, 2009. We had a blast making it and the entire family contributed to the final video. You'd be surprised at how many people there are that don't read to the bottom of a cache listing!
  7. Nope, never. I've been a member since they started out and have never had a problem.
  8. The most powerful cacher I know is my wife. When she's had enough and says it's time to go, well, we go. If she says we are not leaving until we find this cache, that's exactly what we do. It's all about knowing that when you go to sleep at night that you will wake up the next morning...
  9. Went out and replaced an adopted hide after a NM log and confirming that it was indeed missing, only finding out later that the cache had been "re-hidden better" less than 10' away. Is this the place to also mention harassing holders of Coins & TB's? Because after four or five months, my polite inquiries about a traveler may cross the line of political correctness...
  10. I've found that if you act like you belong there, most people will just ignore you during the week. Something about a safety vest, hard hat, clip board, cell phone and GPS (in the middle of the day) almost makes you invisible, just another miserable John Doe doing his job... On the weekends though, the three kids running around pretty much drives people away, lol.
  11. Very very nice, thank you! If I lived a little closer I'd offer you a few beverages of your choice. I do have one question though, because I'm a metal / wood guy here, and have zero experience with PVC. How stable is PVC to thermal expansion/contraction? With the (nominal) OD dimensions of #10 and ID of #9 leaving 0.003" clearance, will there be a temperature outside the shop build environment when the rings become to tight to turn?
  12. Without a doubt, top notch advice, the only thing I would add is the 2L pop bottle preforms. They have held up really well on my Kayak hides.
  13. Yes. In the same guidelines document, directly above the text that you quoted, is this sentence: Ah, yep, sorry, can't imagine how I missed that. Thanks.
  14. Where is this "no downloading of files" guideline? All I can find is: "Caches that require a geocacher to visit another website will not be published if the finder must create an account with, or provide personal information to, the other website." Is there something published somewhere else that I can't find?
  15. Lotta bricks on that wall... Sorry to interrupt again, but how many of us following this thread would have been on that wall like butter on popcorn?
  16. Glad you had a good experience. Since I am currently unemployed, have more bills than money, no money to waste on gas for caching and it's cold and blustery, I am more than happy to "get my life" doing other things. But THANKS for the suggestion, if I get the chance, I certainly will see if I can add to my find count, THANKS! It's always refreshing to hear how I should enjoy my time! Others can answer for themselves! Didn't you claim to own a golf course, earlier in the thread?Are you still looking for ways to discredit me? Keep trying, it's amusing. I not only CLAIMED it, it's the truth, my friend! Why not go ahead and run with this though, see where it leads you! Don't mind if I do. If you do, in fact, own a working golf course (even though that you have previously stated that it was your father's (grandfather's???) if I recall correctly), how could you be unemployed? You could be underemployed, certainly, if it is not successful. We don't play much golf up here this time of year, it gets kinda hard to find the golf balls in the snow
  17. I would start with the County Plat Maps at your tax assessors office, or possibly your local library.
  18. The cache page was locked Nov6. Location: Michigan, United States -DeRock- posted a reviewer note for Super Fly #30 "Jiendo" (Archived) (Locked) (Traditional Cache) at 11/6/2009
  19. It actually appears to be important to about 8 people Please do not discount those of us that are long time members that usually refrain from posting...
  20. The whole ALR ban is relatively new and really holds no bearing in this topic. My family and I have enjoyed several TDE/SF caches over the last 8 years and we hope to continue to do so.
  21. Bah, whatever. I mean, really, what does it matter? Even if there are "suggested" ALR's we would still do them. It was the intent of the cache placer, and after all, that's what WE want, the total experience. The cache owner feels that it is important to read a marker, look over yonder or wear a silly hat, we'll do it, it's all in good fun and maybe you will learn something. And the hat thing will certainly amuse the rest of the group! Un-knot your shorts and have some fun. Even if now it's not required. It's all about what you take away from a find. If you want to shortcut the find, then oh well, you get the smiley but loose out on the experience. I can respect reasonable ALR's, if I don't gel with the requirements, I simply don't search for them. Otherwise, I'm all in.
  22. OK, so I'm not so current on the forums, thank you DeRock & The Psychic Cacher for the shout out, two years ago. Both of the MiGO tire coves shown above were hand painted in my workshop by yours truly. I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I made one myself. I also made one for Craig333, a longtime caching buddy up in the great white north. It's not that hard, only involves a few supplies and a few beverages. My tire cover is still going strong after 2+ years. I would be more than happy to share the how to if anyone is still interested. Skip
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