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The Official Logging Thread

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However....I would like to petition to consider this a first to recover, b/c the previous "finder" posted co-ordinates to the spot where he/she was standing when they took a distant photo of the "area" of the disk. There is nothing in their log to indicate that they approached the wingwall to ascertain it was actually there. ( I suspect it might be because it is RR property. However, it was close enough to the road that I felt comfortable approaching it to take the picture.


I understand tho, if it can not be considered, so...

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2 finds but only 1 qualifying find.


The oic on this BM isn't all that good. It was under a car in an old used car lot. I was on my belly holding the camera with only 4 inches of clearance. The owner told me if I could come back at a different me he would move the car but if you can read the numbers in the pic let me know...otherwise I will need to get a better pic.



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Managed to free up a few hours before dark...







This last one I'm submitting...although I expect it to be rejected. The disk was in real bad shape and illegible. I'm positive it's the right disk by the description and by the enscribed "BM" above the disk in the wide view...but I can't prove it with a disk inscription. In the picture, you can clearly see a "39" right above the word datum which I assume is part of the "939" disk inscription, but the first 9 is nowhere to be found.

Please take into consideration that in order to clean this disk...I had to literally take off a shoe, remove a sock, spit on the disk, and scrub with said sock since I had no cleaning tools with me. <_<


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My first ever! Woohoo! On my way home from San Jose, and looked up what seemed like a few easy ones. 3 for 3 today. :D


AC6118 / 1996 / N / N

GU0212 / 1967 / N / N

AC6117 / 1996 / N / N



N 33° 47.135 W 117° 45.619


"Please do not post in this thread unless you are logging finds for the contest.


Thank You,




I'm guessing this is for me. My bad. Sorry about that.

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April 15th. Nine for twenty five. I guess that that will teach me to look for disks set in cement in clay tile pipes in the meadows along the rivers! We could not find any benchmarks in Secaucus! And we could not get to MOO. :D It's off a private road with a locked gate. Oh, well. Here is what we did find:











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Lots of efforts for these 5. There are another 4 or 5 that need more research, including 2 or 3 that I can't log for the contest because they have been destroyed on NGS (and so are not in GC.com). How can I find and get a picture of the perfectly good NGS database discs, only to find that it has been destroyed? That shouldn't happen, right?


Anyhow, here is the "Easter Egg" collection from Klemmer:

DX3249 / 1949 / No / No

DX3250 / 1949 / No / No

DX3260 / 1949 / No / No

DX3266 / 1949 / No / No

DX3269 / 1935 / No / No

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