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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

The Official Logging Thread

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Yetsrday I had a very good day in Queens, NY. I went 8 for 8 (although some may look askanse at #8) including the last 4 of the 10 Tidal Bench Marks at Fort Totten which I've searchimng for over the last couple of weeks. I'm especially happy with those since they include a couple of FTFs. Hopefully I did not also pick up any poison ivy at that place. Fort Totten is a hidden gem. I need to go back for 3 triangulation stations at some point.












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I have been too busy to do much marking or caching but I found 2 yesterday and six today...of which 2 qualify.


This first one here...the pic isn't all that good. So if you can't read it that's o.k. My guess is that I won't finish in the top 10. LOL! It was on private property under the grass and I didn't want to dig a much bigger hole to get light into the hole for the pic and my flash wouldn't go off.


The mark is in pristine condition though!!!





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Had a very productive day on Sat 5/20, finding 10 marks from 1934:


EV2517 / 1934 / N / N

EV2522 / 1934 / N / N

EV2523 / 1934 / N / N

EV2793 / 1934 / N / N

EV2408 / 1934 / N / N

EV2411 / 1934 / N / N

EV2413 / 1934 / N / N

EV2417 / 1934 / N / N

EV2418 / 1934 / N / N

EV2429 / 1934 / N / N


One of the above was particularly notable: EV2413 required the use of my new lightweight / portable metal detector, and some exacavation work with my folding shovel. More on the metal detector in a different thread soon; worked well!

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I had another beautiful weather day in Brooklyn. Results weren't bad: 7 of 9 benchmarks, but only 1 of 5 tidal bench marks (they put a new concrete top on the seawall). Unfortunately a few fences prevented me from getting good closeups of a few marks, but everything is identifiable. But I can hardly complain with 4 FTFs! It was all via subways, bus and foot (as is usually the case for my NYC searches), and today it added up to about 7 miles on foot!












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I spent the weekend exploring Anza-Borrego State Park--some fun finds!


AI4534/1800/No/Yes Note: the judges subsequently weighed in and advised me that this really doesn't quality as the oldest in the county. It's being considered an 1899 date. Oh well. cjf 5/25/2006






I may have one more to post, but I need to do some research to figure out why what I found is so different than described by the data sheet.

Edited by cjf

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Logs have been checked. All validated finds have been added to the database as of 25 May 06 @ 2140 hours CT.


Also: all 215 posts have been doubled checked in the database. It has kept me busy these past two weeks! Needed corrections were made (thanks for pointing them out and being NICE about it!!!).


Will now try to get the database uploaded.




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Ahhh... the delight of being back home, with good cable internet service. These benchmark logs are from a journey across northcentral Arizona earlier in May... some 'classic' locations here...


ET0119 / 1934 / N / N

GQ0267 / 1902 / N / N

FR0076 / 1955 / N / N

GQ0293 / 1920 / N / N

GQ0290 / 1934 / N / N (*RESET - MAY QUALIFY...)

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Only 1 qualifying find today but it was a cool find. Check out the landscaping pic. The owner must keep up on the mark too.



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Had a fun day on Friday. Started the holiday weekend off right.


HO0277 / 1934 / N / N

HO0248 / 1934 / N / N

HO0251 / 1934 / N / N


HO0254 / 1934 / N / N

HO0255 / 1934 / N / N

HO0633 / 1938 / N / N


GQ0202 / 1953 / N / N

GQ0203 / 1953 / N / N The log says it all!

GQ0204 / 1953 / N / N


GQ0156 / 1941 / N / N

GR0095 / 1934 / N / N

GR0093 / 1929 / N / N



Are you young pups going to let a couple of oldfarts (feeling more like ancient farts :) ) whup you?! :);)

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Are you young pups going to let a couple of oldfarts (feeling more like ancient farts :P ) whup you?! :rolleyes::)


Unfortunatly, i've had to cut back on my hunting for several reason. Primarily, I need to travel further to find eligable marks and with the cost of gas :) ...... Also the PI is comming out stong now.

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2oldfarts went to Las Vegas. Harry Dolphin and Andy Bear went to Paterson, New Jersey. And which ones complained?!? ;)


KV0153/1945/N/N Of course, everyone else thinks this is KV0152. This is the reset.


KV0159/1933/N/N Yes, another rivet. :laughing:

KV0530/1933/N/N And another :laughing:

KV0531/1933/N/N And a third :D



KV0165/1933/N/N OKay, so this is about a half of a chiseled cross.



Edited by Harry Dolphin

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Oh, well. We really wanted to find KU4044. But it was not to be. Great and scenic hike along the Palisades, but we did not find it. What we did find on Sunday:




Okay. Who's going to explain to the New Jersey Geodetic Survey that the entire black rock outcropping has been returned to its original position, with benchmark intact???

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The same people can explain to the USGS (1968) AND USPS (1996) that DX1799 is right where is was supposed to be all the time, since 1935. I DO enjoy finding ones NOT FOUND by the USGS! Sorry DaveD.

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"Harry. What do you want to do on Memorial Day?" "Well, if you're willing to drive through the Tonelle Avenue Traffic Circle, there are a lot of benchmarks along Richmond Terrace on Staten Island, from the Bayonne Bridge to Snug Harbor. For us, they are virgin benchmarks." And, so, Bear and Dolphin set off for their great adventure on Staten Island. (Noting that Buck Brooke's map shows no geocaching entries into NGS for Staten Island, yet.) (Okay, those entries will take a while.) 12 for 17 for the day, plus a multicache and an earthcache!





KV0436/1952/N/N My first B of E&A!

KV0434/1919/N/N An oldie!

KV0433/1952/N/N Why are most NYC benchmarks 1952?

KV0430/1952/N/N Okay! Who hid this one under a planter?!?



KV0428/1952/N/N A chiseled circle!! Never seen one of them before.


Their great adventure over, Dolphin and Bear return safely to Joisey!

Edited by Harry Dolphin

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Well here is the first one I can claim. Finally got the camera to download pics.

Now to get the rest downloaded.



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Squeezed one in between a customer and a test lab. One good find for four "old" tries. One mark I will go back for again, to talk to the City Hall folks when they are open. Our here in CA, we have lost MANY discs and chiseled marks on curbs to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which required sidewalk-to-street pedestrian ramps at all corners. Three like that today. Oh well, overall, ADA is a good thing, IMO.


EV2476 / 1923 / N / N

Edited by Klemmer & TeddyBearMama

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Had hopes for recovering maybe 3 or 4 out of 7 targeted for today, but lots of "issues" today with railroad access (lack thereof), deeply buried marks (need that new metal detector just ordered!), lots of brush, no parking, cliff, excessive heat, etc. Sheesh. But had fun & got some exercise! Recovered one qualifying mark for the day:


DX1794 (1946) / N / N

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Logs have been checked. All validated finds have been adde to the database as of 06 June 2006 @ 1600 hrs CT.


The updated record will be posted later tonight after hubby gets home.




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I was up in Maine last week, first in Bar Harbor and then in Orono for my wife'scollege reunion. Benchmarking was a "secondary"activity, but still I got some. No FTFs - the place is too popular.


Mount Desert island:









U. of Maine, Orono:




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