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  1. Better than another "Magellan's customer service sucks thread"!!!!!
  2. here here, Geocaching also led me to Benchmarking. before I even had a chance to go find a geocache I was signed up in a Benchmark contest. I had so much fun looking for these bits of history that I do not see the allure in looking for Tupperware, ammo cans and little pill bottles etc. that are littered all over the country. I am looking for real history of places marked with little disk with numbers, a drill hole or simply an X in a rock that has been placed for a real reason and mostly forgotten for up to 100+ years in my area. All this with nothing but a general area to start looking and a fine description of where the mark had been placed. A description that can turn into a puzzle because of subtle differences in an area due to brush growing, landslides or some other mind boggling change over a few years to a few decades. that is what makes this an interesting challenge and is all the more sweeter when you do find an elusive mark. All in all finding is cool, not finding but going back can be fun yet frustrating, however in the end understanding the why is the real treasure. This hunter don't need no stinking smiley faces.
  3. Worked for me on firefox with link provided
  4. Shorelander, Are you sure it is gone? It could be under a thin layer of concrete. A chisel and hammer could bring out the mark and make it useable. A metal detector would tell you it if it was there or not. I agree with 68-eldo, that mark just might still be there. personally I would try to find out for sure before filing a report with Deb
  5. Classic and so Magellan, A bold statement with nothing to back it up
  6. Another one for a ditto with TEAM 360, i have been using my power-Ex for a few months now (I ordered a set of 16) with no issues with my 76CSX or my Nikon digital camera in fact I just ordered another set of 16.
  7. Pins arrived today thanks for the bonus pin my friend and I will enjoy wearing them. once again thank you. I.A.
  8. here are my last marks. found over a month ago just finally getting logged after loosing my hunting pal (my boxer) then having my GPS stolen a few days later with all of my found info, lucky i have a backup with my PDA. it just took awhile to get going again. RZ1081/1952/N/N RZ1080/1952/N/N RZ1552/1933/Y/N RZ0246/1933/N/N RZ0250/1933/N/N RZ0154/1935/Y/N RZ0156/1935/N/N RZ0157/1935/N/N
  9. E-mailed YA and here is A GREAT BIG THANK YOU it is quite nice of you to go to the effort and expense of making these pins. I will ware mine quite proudly while I am hunting in the future.
  10. LOL, jump over it thats a good one in case you have not seen the pipeline here are a few pics.
  11. I received my copy of City Navigator, North America V8 on 6/28/06. Purchased from http://gpsnow.com/gmmscnna.htm I also recieved mine on the 28th from gps now.
  12. from what i have seen so far on my 76csx there are general navigational aids for navigable waters with the base software. these aids show up at a fairly close viewing level on the GPSr.
  13. It is amazing anyone would actually try to TROLL around these forums about Garmin's customer service. My research on this site lead me to purchase a Garmin 76CSX that I am thrilled to own. my calls into Garmin's customer support has always been handled in excellent fashion, Quick with the info I wanted and in English In my experience they are a top notch company, one of the very best I have dealt with in any field and is the reason I have just ordered a second 76CSX from them.
  14. HELP!!! does anyone have an idea what is going on with the Lewiston/Lapwai signature event dedication of the 12" disk? I have gone to the events, looked through all the schedules I could get my hands on, talked to lots of people in the park service and the USGS with NO results not one person knows anything about a Benchmark being placed in this area have they just forgotten us here?
  15. Hi Deb, my condolences to you and your family on your fathers passing. In this difficult time remember as the sting of his passing starts to fade, memories of his life will grow stronger.
  16. here are three that might be of interest http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/IntermountainAngler/IndianAllotmentDiskMisc.jpg[/img]]Indian Allotment Disk http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/IntermountainAngler/BLMdiskMisc.jpg[/img]]BLMhttp://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/IntermountainAngler/RZ1552-10001.jpg[/img]]WA/ID Border This last one is a bit fuzzy
  17. Hi vegabond, Welcome to Benchmarking! go to THIS site you can download info in MASS go HERE for info on how to use the noaa site convert info for use from the site etc. I put my downloads into GSAK under their own data base for each county then cut and dice and throw them into my GPSr. I also make a copy for my PDA so I have the complete description, you will NEED these even if you just print them out, enjoy!!
  18. BuckBrooke, RZ0930 is in Idaho not Iowa looks like you had a typo BTW i have added a photo for this disk. I cannot seem to link to your page.
  19. BuckBroke you have a PM from me check it ASAP.
  20. Boy, that one has me intrigued. I'm going to have to do some investigation to see which one Ernmark has in mind. The one I referred to in my earlier post has now been safely logged. It's UA0016 FREEDOM, The Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol dome. Whew! -ArtMan- Hmmm interesting, was there another PID # before 1993? or was this the first time it was designated as a mark? Also if I remember correctly wasn't the statue removed in the late eighty's to be refurbished at the same time the dome was worked on?
  21. I did get a SPECIAL NOTICE OUT. To all those in the Yahoo Benchmark club. And I no way did I ever expect it to sell out that fast. Geocoins have been sitting there for weeks and months here lately. This one is not the first BM Club geocoin,it was only a prelude to see if Benchmark coins would go. We held off on doing pins for the simple reason we did not want the added cost if all the coins did not sell. We are working on doing pins for the Lewis and Clark coins due to a response to that. How many of you are really interested? It is a lot of responsibility on my part to make this all happen. I Thank all of those that have helped us to see that we have a very Special group of People here that can make some awesome things happen once we learn how to work on it together. Remember this is the first time this has been done so there will be flukes and things that make us go WOW. SLO TREKKER send me an e-mail. FWIW I did get a notice by e-mail but found it here first. My order of 5 or MORE Lewis/Clark pins stands if you get them done. once again GEO THANKS for your hard work.
  22. Just did the above I also copied the folders from the other two Cd's into the Topo folder I created and it works great. no messing around at all, BTW I did not delete the original map source files just ran setup again from the new topo folder it integrated everything
  23. IF you can not write directly to the SD card while it is in the unit have you loaded 2.71 Beta? I loaded this into my 76CSX and have had no problem transferring between the unit and my laptop. If you do have the beta version have you gone into setup and enabled this feature on the unit?
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