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  1. Da Krewe: Well, I believe it IS a benchmark. It's just not one listed by the NGS at present. You might check the Jefferson County website for a database of their benchmarks. Some counties make them available on-line. Klemmer
  2. No apologies needed either way. It's all just relative. I happen to be doing some very exacting (important military type) electronics today. A consumer electronics user would say I'm nuts. It is all relative to what you need for a particular application. It's actually pretty amazing that one satellite system can serve both needs.
  3. YAY for George! You tell them! :)
  4. Quote I used today after some EMI testing was going downhill fast: "Murphy was an optimist"
  5. I've found (or DNF'd) most of the benchmarks in and around the old Nike missile site (DX4800 and DX4802 and others nearby) in the hills above the La Habra - Brea area. Interesting history. My older brother worked on the design of the radar system (for Sylvania in those days). The current usage (or at least a couple years ago) was almost played-out oil fields and cattle grazing. Note the radar mounts behind the nice long-horn and calf.
  6. You might consider talking to the local newspaper. I believe it is illegal for them to list items they know are stolen. Or, just forget about it.
  7. You should see the looks and comments I have gotten from guests (and security!) taking pictures of benchmarks in Disneyland. My favorite comment (several times) is: "People will take pictures of anything at Disneyland". Yeah. Same thing my wife said once.... There are something like 25 or so"Disney" benchmarks" in the two CA Disney parks. More in FL. Just keeping track of the destroyed / new ones gets complicated at times. But it's fun!
  8. Related story: new line to be survey between North and South California.... Oh, wait - I was just dreaming... sorry.... Seriously, interesting article above.
  9. Hi Sandy Hams: There are literally millions of metal disks in the ground of all sorts, used for many various things. Here is a quick answer: http://www.geocaching.com/mark/#notin and here is a whole bunch more info put together by several benchmark hunters for geocaching: http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ As you have nicely discovered and used, you can make waymarks for the ones not readily identified as Benchmarks on geocaching.com. Happy Hunting! Klemmer
  10. Scaredycatfilms mobile is working well on my iPhone. First benchmarking app that is really useable on my iPhone. Thanks! http://benchmarks.sc...ilms.com/mobile Thanks! Klemmer
  11. Thanks, Shirley & Wes. Plenty of flowers down here, even now Wes! Although, it was DARN cold this morning hiking! It was a new record low for the date in some areas. it was 35°F this morning...
  12. Hi everyone! Happy New Year to all! Since Shirley asked, here's the link to my Wildflower gallery: http://www.theklems....ery/WildFlowers I posted it sometime ago, probably in this link. Glad to post it again. As I wrote once before: I wouldn't say every flower picture was taken while benchmark hunting, but certainly some were. And I would always have had at least one GPS with me, so that counts too, right? There are several sub-albums, so dig down a level, if you want. And of course there are many pages. Click on the photo for a larger version. Resolution has been reduced & more compression done for space & download. Just ask if you would like the full resolution version (4-5MB). Some ID's are still in process; assistance in ID appreciated. Most from Central to Southern California I'll see if I have anything to add since I updated it last. Enjoy!
  13. Huh? I remember writing the above quite some time ago, but didn't re-post it. I have no idea who mrphantuan is, or why he re-posted something I wrote. Very strange. Please ignore the above post. - Klemmer
  14. Hi Teamcameron: If you adjust your display ("view") so that you can see the 'container", you'll see there are "adjusted" and "scaled' marks. Adjusted are accurate horizontal position (Lat / Long), while not accurate in elevation (generally triangulation stations or intersection stations). Scaled marks are not accurate in position, but ARE accurate in elevation (classic Bench Marks). If you don't like the symbols, create a filter for the symbol you want to change (suggest saving the filter), then go to Database / Global Replace..... and you can change the symbol to whatever you want. I use the "CITO" symbol (looks like a little globe of some sort). Kind of appropriate for a scaled benchmark. Have fun! Klemmer
  15. Yeah Duke, hit it! I've done my part in SoCal (along with other BM hunters, of course), and I've done a some in NorCal also. Wish I had some time to get up to those scenic white counties myself.
  16. Had a great time doing some desert hiking recently. Unfortunately, my fellow hikers weren't too receptive to benchmark hunting. Dropped few new caches. Maybe next trip out to the Grotto, I can grab a few more benchmarks, in addition to DW0355 found a few (7!) years ago. This little guy was so cooperative, we got lots of good picture of him: THAR BE DRAGONS HERE !!
  17. I'm certainly no expert, but I suspect that a ground penetration radar might work. The sand would be dry (good for the radar penetration), and I guess that the difference between clay and sand might be enough to sense. Borrowing one might not be easy. Maybe the NGS has a source / connections. I suppose these days most counties have one for various tasks. They always seem to have one available on CSI . Sounds like fun! Good luck.
  18. Very nice work, Papa-Bear-NYC, or maybe we should now call you "Papa-Bear-NY-MA-CT" Always fun reading your geo-adventures. -- Klemmer
  19. Hi AZ: I second TillaMurphs. But I love you! I'll take s a set. Email on the way. Your hard work is appreciated. Larry (Klemmer)
  20. Let's go for it. I need some inspiration to get out there (somewhere...).
  21. Ditto for one REI store in SoCal (Arcadia). Outside only (that I have found!). Still looking for one at the Santa Ana store, where I go more often. Guess I'm going to have to talk to the manager about the deficiency...
  22. Quite an adventure, kayakbird. Thanks for sharing. Also enjoyed the P-51 time reference. I had heard that in years past (probably from an Air Force flight instructor), but had no idea of the source. The Circling Approach (Circle-to-land) stories brought back some no-so-fond memories of missed approaches from circling in an Air Force C-9A. Probably the scariest darn things many pilots will admit to (when sober, anyway)!
  23. Yeah, I remember that disc in Yosemite. Zero chance THAT one will be found by change or vandalized. I agree that if the area might be prone to vandalism, re-burying the disc again is not a bad thing to do.
  24. Huh. Yeah, interesting. Thanks. Although it would LOOK better if it was plumb
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