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The Official Logging Thread

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Nothing instills more dread in even the most intrepid driver than the words Tonnele Avenue Traffic Circle!

Short time opportunity on Easter Sunday, before early afternoon dinner, so, we headed for a small group of available benchmarks. In Jersey City. Four for five today. (We didn't look for any clay tile pipes in the riverbanks!)





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At last was able to find both time to go searching and ground clear of snow... AND Mrs NorthWes officially sanctioned this 'first recovery effort' of mine for this contest by agreeing to accompany me despite the cold wind and sleet. It was a grand view of Turnagain Arm and upper Cook Inlet from the station...


After a search of the rules, I believe 'DARK RESET' (UW7682) qualifies as a 1912 mark (drill hole) even though it had a disk cemented into the drill hole in 1964 as part of the 'monumental' resurveying effort in the wake of the Good Friday Earthquake that 'relocated' much of southcentral Alaska . Therefore (pending John's review and approval of course!) here's my first entry:


UW7862 / 1912 / N / N

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On the way to the western slope of Colorado only found two here they are



KL0429 is on the bridge and has been covered with a sealent to seal the concrete. As I was tried to remove the sealent (so you could make out what it says) a local law enforcement agent stoped me and told me I had to leave or be ticketed so I took as many pics as could with out getting in trouble. I hope I scrached off enough to count

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April 22, 2006. It was raining today, so I couldn't perform the planned trail maintenance. I grabbed a few benchmarks instead. :) Thanks to holograph for the photos on LY0427!

Six for Twelve today (but I'll look for almost anything!)







(Do I get extra credit for that one, since the Power Squadron could not find it, twice, even though it's an easy find?)

Hmm... One four point find is more fun than four one point finds. :laughing:

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Tried for more but due to growing construction loss of benchmarks seems to be a reoccuring problem. 5 benchmarks found but upon researching found that only 4 qualify as on mark I found was actually a 1981 placement not a 1931 placement :laughing: . Oh well, me and the boys had a great time getting out and being together, and like my son says, you always win because you had fun :)








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Did a nice run of 1958 BMs today, managed quite a few FTRs as well! Some of the disks were hard to get good pics of, so if the pics I posted aren't good enough please let me know, I took 2-3 pics of several of the disks, so I have others that weren't posted.













Edit: ARRRRRGGGHHHH, why do I have to edit 14 times to make the links show up right?

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I had a good day today. Found all I looked for but 2. Here are the qualifying ones.










Now this Bm has been damaged. The pic is a clear pic. The designation is C 523 Reset. The damage is such that not all the stamping is readable. In the pic you can see the "5 3", the "Re" and the "59". If the approver disallows this recovery...so be it. No worries. All I ask is that you take a good look at the pic and you will see that it is a good recovery...but you have the final say.



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Had a great time at the March Air Reserve Base (ARB) Air Show near Riverside, CA. I was hoping that the open house would allow me to get to several old benchmarks that are on the base, but only managed to get to one, and it was an FTF! Woo-Hoo! ^_^


DX2729 / 1945 / Yes / No


Had a great time at the Air Show (nice Thunderbird pic on the above page), was able to log a few other newer marks, some Not Founds, and will be reporting a destroyed intersection station to Deb (the old control tower).

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