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Indiana Micro Geocoin

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Prairiepartners and I are in the process of making a micro geocoin for the state of Indiana. This is not meant to be the "official" geocoin or anything like that so no getting panties in bunches please.


The coins will be micro sized and will fit in film canisters. They will also be trackable on geocaching.com and will have a unique icon. We will be making 500 but if the demand is there then we will make 1000.


Please post your interest here:


Indiana Micro Geocoin


Artwork will be posted at the above link shortly.


Have a great day!

bikinibottomfeeders :D

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I posted at CT, but had to modify it after i came back here and read the rest of the forum. 6.50 for a 1" seems high, even including postage.....


It is high. 1" are very inexpensive. On the quantity that they're talking of, $5.50 shipped would still earn them a profit. Two mini coins can be shipped for $.39.

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OK here's the final prices for the Indiana Micro Geocoins.


We will be selling 750 (gold) regular edition and 200 LE (silver).


Price for Reg (gold) will be $5.50 shipping included (US and Canada)and LE (silver) will be $6.00 shipping included (US and Canada).

Overseas orders may have a slightly higher cost due to shipping fees.


We will be posting artwork hopefully later in the day.


These coins will be trackable thru geocaching.com with their own unique icon and prefix.


Post you interests for Indiana Micro Geocoin - Limited Edition


More info to follow.

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It really amazes me when people start selling a coin without even posting a picture of it and that people buy coins without seeing the coin. Now that is addiction. :o


We're just adding it to our seeking list. I don't think PayPal is active yet (or at least it wasn't pre-Survivor) :)

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All right here it is.....The Indiana Micro Geocoin








Get the regular Here for $5.50 including shipping


Get the LE Here for $6.00 including shipping

(limit 2 on the LE-silvers)


Again these will be trackable with the prefix IN and a basketball for the Icon.

Please don't post a seeking for a trade right now. The seeking is for orders.



Jim and David :o


Thanx to Rusty for the AWESOME design. Once again you have exceeded expectations.

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If all goes as planned, we should have a proof picture in about 2 weeks and about 2 weeks later we should have coins in hand and will be shipping them.


We still have around 200 gold ones left. Preorder them here: Indiana Micro Geocoin.


Thank you everyone so much for helping us get this one going!


Looking good, picked up a couple!



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