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  1. Count me in for Koskiusko County..
  2. I found this coin but it is the size of a pathtag no tracking # on it ,has Good luck with the geocaching symbol on it, and on the other side is a red 7. anybody know what it is or what it is for??
  3. No greasemonkey stuff, It s the page you get with the caches you found with in the last 30 days and the side bar with the build pq's and stats.thay are to be even at the top of the page now I have to scroll down 3/4 of the page to even see the stats on the right hand side.
  4. my profile page has been showing up like this for about 3 weeks.how do I fix
  5. The new hotfix. I can deal with this,the main thing that drove me nuts was all the spacing. Now I'm happy so thats one less person you need to worry about. thanks.
  6. Boy someone really messed up on this one.Well you guys will never win any awards with this one.
  7. Looks like you got a way to go to catch Chuy. But answer your ??? Myself I don't keep track, But I know others do.
  8. I just did this one it's a vert of a old mission. GCKTTP
  9. http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Geocaching
  10. Thank you all for the tips and cache advice.
  11. Sorry for typo in topic title "FOR"
  12. I'll be in az the 15th of dec for 3 weeks(flying in to Tucson and starting from there) and was wondering what caches are a must do. My father is in his 70's so the long hiking ones are out of the question. we are going to do the site-seeing thing Grand cannyon ect ect and will be traveling all over the state and would like some simple/easy ones to do that are not a LPC (unless it's a WOW one.) that are along our travels. thanks for the help. cool virts and Ec are good.
  13. Here is a step by step with pixs. http://blackhillsareageocaching.com/index....es&Itemid=4
  14. http://www.captainbluetooth.net/forums/ind...fc35eecde3b809b
  15. http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Geocaching#toc2
  16. If you have any in the midwest I'm game.
  17. Yes i'm having the same problem, seems like this happened before about 1 month ago having the distances out of order drives ne nuts..
  18. Buddaman

    ISQ Finds

    The one warsaw?? What would be in it for me??? I'll check on it before the 3rd ok old man!!
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