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Cachehunters42 2006 Bear Coin On Sale Now!

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OK all shipping refunds have been processed through Paypal. There are a few International orders that did not pay the shipping, they will be invoiced through e-mail.


If you got through PayPal your order is good. I will e-mail invoice those who did not get through the link. Since many did not put their Geonickname on the order, if you get an e-mail invoice and you already ordered just delete the e-mail.


I will post an update on the number of coins remaining later tonight.


These coins will be close ~ 2" across the Bear, so they will be heavy. I've read the posts about the shipping and here's my response:


Global Priority is $5.00, PayPal cross border Charge is ~3%, Many people do not even ship Internationally so if you think it is to much leave the coin for others.


I am waiting for the tracking numbers with the icon, once I get them Production should be 2-4 weeks. Coins should be shipped in early February.


Thank You All for Dealing with these computer server issues.

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I guess the moderator removed the link because the cacher in question has started a business to mint geocoins for other people. If the link took you to his geocoin minting business website that violates the TOU for this forum (no commercial postings).


That being said, I am still very interested in purchasing a coin if there are any left.


Edit: spelling/clarity

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OK, here's an update.


I was not happy with the color of the deer antlers, they were to close to the bear color. I have had 5 additional samples created to get the coloring right.


My manufacturer was also away on a business trip for several days.


This is the reason for the delay. They are all minted but the coloring on the front was waiting for final approval. They should be finished by the end of the week and shipped to be within 7-10 days.


Once I get them they will be shipped right away as I have all my shipping packages labeled and ready to go.


Thanks for being patient, they will be worth it.



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