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  1. Recieved my coin in the mail today. Really nice thanks! The pieces are a little tight but other than that it's a masterpiece. I activated all the pieces and I got 4 icons on my side. If someone else finds all 4 pieces do they get a 5th icon? Thanks BackBrakeBilly uprcut
  2. Thanks for continuing to improve this site. I really like the Google map feature. Now I just have to start playing with it. Keep up the good work! uprcut
  3. Two Sets ordered :-0 Thanks for the excellnet adventure. Coinage away there billy!!!!
  4. Hi, Sorry to read about your troubles with the people minting your coin. I know you are busy but, can I ask if there is any of those nice coins still left? Once you get everything straightened out, if there are any left I would like two. Good Luck uprcut
  5. Very nice! When they are ready give me a yell!!! uprcut
  6. I am interested in two coins. Please contact me to let me know what is happening. uprcut
  7. I placed one in a cemetery not long ago, after reading this post. I had good spot but was unsure of the graveyard etiquette. This answered alot of questions for me. When it's my turn to be planted, I know that if there were people on the ground above me geocaching I'd have a smile on my face. uprcut
  8. uprcut

    Log Trouble

    Tried this morning to log TB and it's working fine now. thanks uprcut
  9. uprcut

    Log Trouble

    I just tried to log a Jeep travel bug and got a similar type error. help uprcut
  10. uprcut

    Log Trouble

    I'm having trouble logging a find with "Monty's teething ring" I get some kind of stack error or something like that. I tried logging it today and last night but I keep getting the same error. Any ideas? thanks uprcut
  11. good idea thankyou uprcut
  12. Is there anyway to add a user to your watch list? I have some friends who also use this site and it seems it would be faster to look them up from the watch list instead of the lookup/email another player route. thanks uprcut
  13. Figured it out, I did not accept the licence agreement. thanks uprcut
  14. When I try to download the GPX files from the web page I click on the icon and get a help page only, and no file is downloaded. Could someone tell me how to download this file info. Thanks uprcut
  15. I have a RINO 120 and I think it is a great GPS / Radio. A friend of mine also has one and they work great together. They are great to use in pairs if hunting, GPSing or whatever. If you live in CANADA the GMRS option is disabled Of course they don't tell you this. You could buy your RINO in the US though and have a full blown radio. I have been searching for ways to enable the GMRS channels but with no luck. If anybody knows please contact me. Thanks uprcut
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