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What's the coolest travel bug photo you've posted for a TB or had posted for one of your travel bugs?


Our Gretchen-dog, the Polish Shepherd travel bug is near and dear to our hearts, so my husband was so pleased to see this photo. Gretchen's mission is to meet new doggie friends, play in the snow, and also meet cows. This cacher's photo was excellent!




Gretchen has only been travelling since September but she's already gone from Indiana to Kentucky to Pennsylvania to New York.

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I often post pictures of TBs when I can do something that matches their goals or theme. Cat related TBs get special treatment at our house. Here's The Crazy Cat Lady (ref. TBJCAM) with one of our resident felines. There are more pictures on her page. 27698a34-72b3-4912-aadc-4486d9ee98f7.jpg

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The Beanie Baby gang at my house tend to party with visiting Travel bugs. Cruising Cat had a great time here. Look close and you can see him at upper right center next to the Ruby Princess. More photos and the whole sordid tale in my 2/2005 logs on his page (ref.TB5C65 )


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Last fall I picked up The Ulcer TB (ref. TBH9TT) who is helicobacter pylori , the bacteria that cause ulcers. While he was visiting me the scientists who discovered and named him received a Nobel Prize! The bug posed for a photo with the newspaper headlines and some ulcer producing foods. He's mentioned by name in the article. :ph34r:



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One of my TB's made it to Belgium where the wonderful cachers there took MANY photos with their kitties and the cache that they placed it into! To see all of the photos visit Awful Mad Kitty at: TBM02K


I'm not bright enough to figure out how to post the pics in my post........

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People have taken lots of cool pictures of our bugs; it's hard to narrow it down to one or two to show here. Some of our favorite bug logs (each of which includes sveral pictures) include:

One other picture that I really like is for our "Missed the Boat" TB, who wants to go on boat rides to make up for having missed the original Ark trip. This one was titled "Where's my ride?", and really captures the theme of the bug:



I also like this one, which shows "Griffin the Wonder Dog" with our "Leather Backpack" TB attached to his doggie backpack (the bug's goal is to be photographed hanging on cachers' packs):


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The MOONMAN Travel-Bug lands on the moon!!!


Motivated by an inspirational visit to some famous astronauts, MOONMAN uses his recently acquired Atlas Rocket to land on the moon!


Well, sort of...


Actually, this is the moon model at the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood, California. MOONMAN made a number of friends while visiting the observatory and they graciously allowed him to conquer their 6 foot (approx. 2,000,000/1 scale) moon model. At this scale, our little MOONMAN friend would be about 375,000 feet tall!



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Nice photos everyone!


Here's one I took for a travel bug called Big Boy that passed through my hands last August.




And here's the log that went with it:

Big Boy was so surprised and excited today to meet his long-lost Great-Uncle Ike! See, Ike left the restaurant business years ago. He just walked off the job one day, mumbling something about hating plaid. He just wasn't sucessful in that line of work. . .and it didn't help that people stared at him a lot because of his extremely pale skin and unfortunate facial birthmark. No one had heard from Ike since that day, but he evidently started up a sign business right here in Mishawaka, Indiana. The family resemblance is unmistakable. Big Boy was very pleased to meet Ike.

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Back in May of 2003, we have a great time with Tux the Penguin. When we picked him up from a cache, his back had split open on the seam...


In these two posts, I'll reproduce our log. You can click on any of the pictures to see the full size ones.














Paging Dr. Markwell



This will make you a little woozy



You should start feeling the affects



Ninety-Nine, Ninety-Eight, Ninety-Tuesday, Flipple-Skimmmmmmmmmmmm



The Patient is under




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Here's my log for this one:


Well, well, well...at last we meet again - for the first time, for the last time...


I had Exploring Ernie with me when I saw *Going My Way* TB (TB7106) on a nearby cache page. The Ernies just had to meet!





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I took a picture of a TB having his xray taken, but I have no clue how to post a picture... It's here somewhere.... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=74371


Just expand (click) the picture until the URL at the top shows the .jpg extention. Select and copy it.




Then when you post. click the IMG button and insert the jpg and click OK, then post.



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We try to take pictures of most of the bugs we find, usually relating to the bug's name or theme if possible. A bug we picked up a week ago had no specific goal, so I just took a few random pictures of it. This picture is very plain, but I liked how it looked. It was a very blue TB ("Sadie's Bear") and I held it up to a very blue sky on a beautiful day:




And I've always liked this picture that we posted for "Hot n Cold Bug" about a year and a half ago, mostly because this is my favorite hold-and-cold combination:



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