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  1. I just found my Wherigo Geocache* is now infested with Ants. Any ideas on an Ant Proof Container? * Wherigo, Texas
  2. A very good Waterproof paper is Xerox Nevatear. I use it for all my cache logs as new Zealand get a great deal of rain all year round. That,s why it all ways so Green.
  3. Yes, I got it working on Chrome. Thanks.
  4. I just got some new trackables but I can not add any descriptions on the edit page.
  5. Do you really see a large difference in powerup time based on the number of files in the Archive folder? Yes, its like Lightning..
  6. If you want to have the Montana boot in about 15 seconds, delete everything in the Archive folder. Works a treat.
  7. Just got Tagwriter on my Galaxy and when i go to create content is thows Contact, Bookmark, Plain text and SMS so how did you get it to write geolocaiton data. I don't have an NFC Phone (Yet) but using my USB NFC Reader/Writer I made a tag that when read would take me to a location in Goole Maps. The location I had was -37° 45.267 175° 17.465 and when the tag was written its URL address was http://maps.google.com/maps?q=-37%C2%B0%2045.267%20175%C2%B0%2017.465 Right click on the above URL to see the full address,then select properties. This page is not showing it. Space used on the tag was 67 Bytes You may try typing in your location in the plain text it could work.
  8. New Zealand is great place this time of year for Travel Bugs. :D
  9. I tried my external antennae on my Montana today and I get an increased signal too. :D
  10. I have 9 just over 24 in New Zealand . Very strong.
  11. Could you have used a NFC equipped smartphone to do the writing? Seems like the app NFC TagWriter by NXP should be able to do write a geolocation to the tag. And another thing, do you mean FNC or NFC? Google didn't turn up anything for "FNC" with cellphone. Yes you can use a smart phone to encode the Tags as well. NFC Labels nTag Manager App is one of them Thanks for the heads up on the Typo.
  12. Sounds interesting! When the tag is scanned, does it give you coordinates for the next waypoint? Do you encode it as NDEF data? Which NFC app? NFC TagInfo, NFC TagInfo by NXP, or some other app? And finally, what do you encode on your TB? I encoded the co-ords only onto the chip on the GoToTags USB Reader/Writer on the Desktop PC. I used the GoToTags programme to do the writing. The Tag is a Mifare Classic 1K Chip (716 Bytes) The Casino TB chip was encoded with the URL of the travel bugs number.
  13. I have just placed a Geocache that has incorporated the NFC technology as well as QR tags in a small multi. Behind the Hall, Now with FNC. (Auckland) GC3XYD6. As well I have made a Travel Bug with an NFC Tag and a Casino Chip. NFC Discover Me Tag TB4V4E7 I am using a USB NFC Reader Writer that can encode URLs, Plain Text, Phone Numbers and much more.
  14. I have just published a geocache with the new on-line form. I have had over 100 Geocaches published with old one and found this new layout to be a bit cumbersome. My major stumbling block was entering the degrees for the co-ords, I found on Google that using shift-8 give the * sign will work and it does. The other was the Cache Description saying I had exceeded 500 characters when I had not. In the end I left that field blank so I could move on. On the HINT section the default is for NO, this should be YES so people think about adding a hint to make up for the 5 meter error on co-ords.
  15. Just did the 3.94 update on my 600, no problems at all. :)
  16. You could set it to Metric, Kilometres & Metres ( Like the rest of the world) :lol:
  17. Yes, no problems at all, took 5 seconds, with 3 photos. Montana 600.
  18. If you want to try a new Photo Geocache. I placed this one yesterday and it works fine on my Montana 600 OpenCaching
  19. Mountaineer Rescues Toy A mountain rescuer in the Austrian Alps spent eight hours trying to recover a toy frog which had fallen from a 2000m peak. Markus Fleischmann was hired by a German couple who dropped a green frog while taking a photo and desperately wanted it back. The couple had spent two days looking for the toy before hiring the mountain rescuer at a cost of $715. Fleischmann said it was not a dangerous mission searching the 2192m Hinteren Goinger Halt peak because it was off-season. He found the toy and returned it to the middle-aged couple.
  20. The Garman Montana series Rocks for both car and Geocaching. When its in the car the unit works and looks like a Nuvi and when you take it from the windscreen bracket it switches to Geocaching mode. Works so well I gave my old 1310 Nuvi to the Mrs. :D
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