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  1. Ok, went to the main TB Logging page and entered a code and logged a TB, then rolled to the bottom of the page and entered the next code and got "Does Not Exist in System". But yet if I go back to the main TB Logging page and enter the code the TB exists and allows me to log it. I have one TB that I know the number but yet is says it does not exist. Binrat
  2. Binrat

    Modify Co-ords

    Mystery solved, only works with Multi's and Mysteries! Binrat
  3. Binrat

    Modify Co-ords

    Next to the co-ords on a cache page is the little pencil to modify the co-ords. Once in a while it just disappears. If I refresh the page it appears for a second and vanishes. I get the same result with Firefox(default), Chrome and IE. I use Gresemonkey and have tried turning it of. I use Avast Anti Virus and have turned it off. Am I doing something wrong? Binrat
  4. Congratulations! How did you get the canoe out, did you attach it to the plane? Did someone drop you at the start point so you didn't have to go fetch it later? So where did you fly out to? Binrat
  5. I highly recommend these, when a battery is discharged just put it back in upside down. http://www.cacheatnight.com/product-category/flashlights/battery-caddy/ Binrat
  6. So I was out on the weekend and was referencing certain solved Puzzles and got to thinking. On the main website corrected co-ords are underlined in blue, but there is no way to tell on IPad/IPhone or even in your GPS. Is there a simple fix Groundspeak can add something so when we look at a certain cache that we solved to tell it has solved co-ords. Maybe a (S) or perhaps a colour change of the bubble that shows the GC code or something that we can tell quickly in the field that we have solved that cache and it is in fact at the location we are headed to and not the generic co-ords. Binrat
  7. Just started the ball rolling with my previously placed cache by renaming it. http://coord.info/GC1HM9M Here's hoping this will inspire others to place one in their area. If you place one post a note and link here so we can see the progress. Binrat
  8. I have been thinking of trying to get a Geocache Series started that will honour Victoria Cross recipients. The name of the series will be called "The Victoria Cross - Restin' In _______" All caches would be easy Multi's and take you the Gravesite of a War Hero, from there you gather numbers from a grave adjacent or close to the Soldier. www.victoriacross.org.uk/ggwwbur.htm What do you think. Binrat
  9. Remember the Fire Tower on the ridge is the largest Travel Bug, just look around for the tag. Binrat
  10. You can also try in the Ottawa area, LeBaron Outdoor, Bushtukah, R. Nicholls and possibly Tommy & Lefebvre. Binrat
  11. Might I suggest you add http://coord.info/GCK8ZV to your cache list on the way home. Binrat
  12. Ok, here is a bit of info. I hate driving in Quebec and most caches are in french. My preferred route is to cross at Cornwall Ontario over to New York and then head to Champlain NY or Plattsburg NY and cross over to Vermont and down to Montpelier VT. From there I drive State Road #2 all the way to Bangor ME and then #9 to St. Stephen NB and #1 to the 104 all the way to Cape Breton. This is a scenic route with lots to see and you can stop at Lake Champlain Chocolates, Ben & Jerry Ice Cream and the Ganong Chocolate Factory. There are some amazing Virtuals along the way and a real interesting cache called Whine and Whoopie along with some cool Traditionals. If you need more info or a link to a "Caches Along a Route" just ask. Binrat
  13. It's catching on QR Code Geocaches Also with some TB's QR code Talkers There are a number of websites that you can create your own QR Code and decode them if you don't have a reader. I have also see Microsoft Tag Codes appearing as well. Binrat
  14. You guys are nuts and certifiable, but I like your style. I just wish I could join you but I will be flying. Will keep an eye on this adventure. Binrat
  15. Sounds like fun, but Quinte West has had a major event already. Quinte Geocaching Adventure Challenge But the location of the above event was perfect with lots of parking and lots of room to place event caches. Binrat
  16. Consider a slight side trip south to Seattle, well worth the trip. Groundspeak Headquarters AKA "The Lily Pad"! Binrat
  17. A friend just had his GPS die while vacationing in Maui. Where can one buy a handheld GPS on the island of Maui? I think his next stop is Kona. Anyone have an idea? Binrat
  18. Sure, lots of nice easy caches in Petawawa and also some right on Base. Just do a search out from this cache and you should be right in the zone. http://coord.info/GC2YEN8 Binrat
  19. Not sure of your complete route, but this is a very interesting cache with a ton of history. The Talented Mr. Bean - http://coord.info/GCHM4W Binrat
  20. Sweet, The Rideau Canal @ Jones Falls, Ontario The Thousand Islands @ Ivy Lea, Ontario The Big Nickel @ Sudbury, Ontario As for caches, Betwixt and Between by Tripper http://coord.info/GCDF21 Oh, and anything on the Kettle Valley Railway betweet Myra and Ruth above Kelowna, B.C. Binrat
  21. A good friend and fellow Geocacher passed away this weekend so I will use a couple of his caches. Binrat
  22. WAY too easy since I have logged that cache. Big history, little cache by Connie and Keith Location is Moose Factory Island, Ontario Binrat
  23. Dang, thought I had a good one, oh well. Congrats, Binrat
  24. Ok, I have Geocached in many places but this area is at the top of the list, simply amazing. Hints and larger picture if required will come. Binrat
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