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  1. Utilizing the raster maps for topos and things like state park maps is pretty sweet. But unless/until we have the option of turning on/off individual KMZ files, the 100 jpg image limit coupled with the 1 megapixel image size limit is way too restrictive to allow any real coverage of aerial imagery. I put one 2.5 mile x 2.5 mile ortho tile (from MassGIS) into g-raster, and it properly generated 64 1 megapixel jpg files inside the KMZ file - that means I can only one 6.25 sq. mile tile on the unit at one time. Admittedly, that's resolution dependent, but it's very restrictive (perhaps purposefully so). Hopefully Garmin will rectify this, so we can utilize the storage capacity of the SD slot - though they haven't bothered to do so on the GPX end of things yet (giving us the option to store many 2k geocache files, and select them individually)
  2. I use GSAK all the time. What you might want to try is the GSAK Colorado Export Macro Connect your Colorado to the PC, and run the macro. The macro will 'discover' your GPS, and allow you to filter the GPX file that it creates, and it will send it to the proper folder (garmin\gpx) on your GPSr. (I'd actually guess that's what you're NOT doing manually - putting the GPX file in the proper directory!) Macro works great! As to burtsbodgers comment - I use GSAK for many, many things - I maintain a database of all caches in MA, and use it to filter caches by location, size, type, etc. I have multiple databases for different locations, found caches, etc. In short, I'd counter with: How do you live without GSAK?
  3. I won't argue with the desire for the backlight memory - but I'm surprised to hear that others use BL all the time outside. I'd say I almost never use backlight outside, unless it's getting dark, and I don't have problems viewing the screen. I do tend to use it inside the car, and inside the house, though. I'm going to have to try the BL out when I'm outside next time, to see the difference!
  4. I'm wearing my rose colored glasses, and am waiting for the CO to get a 3.0 firmware update that will be released at the same time the forthcoming Oregon 3.0 update hits the road
  5. My favorite use for GE is adding an image overlay (in this case a trail map) and then dropping the GPX file into GE, and thus having the trail map show the caches. I don't think you can do that in GMaps. So far, I haven't seen a way to rotate the overlay, nor add it and the GPX file easily in GMaps. However, this isn't affected by the issues with the GE plugin - I can easily accomplish this with GE and a GPX file from gc.com or gsak.
  6. I find it hard to get my brain around comments like this, as they don't spell out the problems or deficiencies the user had with the unit. Early on there were some issues with the Colorado, and those have largely been taken care of with firmware updates. IMO, the Colorado 400t is great for geocaching - great info for paperless caching, ability to read GPX files automatically, and built-in topo maps of the US. Geocaching mode works well, and I've had zero problems with the compass - I know it's limitations (hold horizontal) and re-calibrate every time I change batteries. The big difference for me (and I don't own a PN-40, but have played with it) is the screen size and text size - on the CO, it's much more readable. If the PN-40 had a bigger screen, I'd be much more attracted to the unit. Ultimately, it might come down to where you're coming from, as the prejudices you bring from your current model GPSr might sway you one way or the other. For instance, my one big beef with the Garmin CO/Oregon is that I can't have multiple 2000 cache GPX files onboard and choose which one I want active - I could do that on the Explorist. But those who come from the Garmin 60 series don't miss that, as they never had the ability. If you come from the Etrex line, you might not mind the smallish screen on the PN-40. The sat imagery on the PN-40 is sweet, and their support is top notch, so those are two big pluses for the PN-40. But I'm still holding out for the PN-40 XL with the bigger screen
  7. Can't go wrong with a base model Yellow Etrex, or a Magellan 100 - get either of them off Ebay used for a reasonable price. I suggest a lanyard around the neck so the unit doesn't take a spill. A friend used to bring along the Etrex Yellow for my (then 5 year old) daughter. Now, I just give her my Colorado - it's fun to let them read the distance to the cache, at 5 they're just getting the hang of reading 'five hundred and fifteen' instead of five one five You might poke around the local geomeets - there might be someone that has an older unit that they wouldn't mind parting with for a good cause.
  8. How 'bout some screen shots of the cache page on the PN-40?
  9. Probably not a GPS Garage Sale item, but you could buy the Evenflo Trailtech backpack off Ebay (they don't make them any more). We used one for 2 kids, and about 5 years of hard use - great backpack for the kids up to about 40 lbs. Much easier to use than the Kelty with all of it's straps, etc.
  10. Also saw the Triton 1500 on sale at Walmart today for $199 with NG TOPO...
  11. And here, I thought I was the only one. Interestingly, usually, in IE, I can zoom to an address. I cannot do that in Firefox. This has been going on for some time. I really like the random high speed panning that we get now - completely unreliable. I just assumed it was a Firefox setting issue that I couldn't figure out...
  12. I have a CO 400t, and got to play with the PN-40 for a few minutes at a geomeet the other day. I love my CO, and once you're used to the bigger display, and larger text, it's tough to look at the PN-40 without some disappointment. The PN-40 was very fast in screen redraws, and looked nice, but it felt like I should get a magnifying glass to read the cache listing, etc. after being used to the CO screen/font size!
  13. I still think you Garmin guys are missing the boat. Coming to the CO from an Explorist, the thing I really want is the ability to load 5 bazillion gpx files to the unit/SD card, and have a file manager to select the active GPX file. Track manager would be cool, but waypoint averaging doesn't really matter to me - I only hide caches every couple of months anyway. That said, yeah, I too would like a substantive firmware update!
  14. Dang. Due to the time change, it's still May here, and thus offer not valid. I look forward to it in June, er, July! No, no...make that August...man these summer months are killers! Thanks for the update!
  15. I haven't seen anything with 2.8 in the drift category yet, though I don't typically test it like you do, walking the same route, and checking the entire track log. However, pre-2.8, it happened enough times that I noticed it at GZ on several cache hunts, which may or may not indicate that it happened more often, and I was oblivious to the track log while following a trail.
  16. I'm continually amazed at the number of people that swear off the compass - both on the 60 series and the CO. I never have problems with the compass - simply make it a habit of calibrating it each time you change the batteries, and you should be good to go. Admittedly, I came over from a Magellan Explorist 500, which didn't have the 2 axis compass, so it's definitely a plus not to have to be moving to get a directional bearing.
  17. Having purchased a Colorado, and only once having used my 500 since then (for a class on caching), I figured someone else could get some use out it rather than it sitting in the drawer... The good: I have the swivel mount & auto charger, and Direct Route 3. The bad: The cable that connects to the swivel mount has a clip broken off, so it's not as convenient to use as it once was, as the cable won't stay connected to the swivel mount unless you tape it/glue it, etc. The ugly: The rubber covering on the click stick is ripped off (I know, a shocker!), and there are a few scratches on the case, though the display has a shield on it so it's in good shape. Anyway, figured it'd be more useful to someone else, than to my caching drawer.
  18. I have a Digiwalker C230 - works very well in the car - haven't skinned it for geocaching, so I can't speak to that, but it's not bad as far as car nav goes. I did dowload the 'high' POI state files, as well as the Canada maps for the unit.
  19. Indeed, the few times I've seen the 'drift', it's always been accompanied by a abnormally high EPE, though, as Scott says, nowhere near the actual error of the drift...
  20. Like Team Chinook, I suggest renaming/saving the WPs with a Q or a Z as the first letter, then they are easy to spot by spelling...
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