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  1. We just had an event at our local ice cream shop,we do it once or twice a year.Or at a park or restaurant.
  2. Meet & hike Black Hawk state park,Rock Island,IL.
  3. How can one find a specific geocacher? On the home page were you would put a zip code to find a cache,I entered a I.D. but that only takes me to some caches. There must be some way of doing it? horses11
  4. Click here Adding a Picture to a Forum Post thank you
  5. Thank you I forgot how to do it,I was looking in the add a log entry.Should I delite them logs and do it right or just leave it the way it is? horses11
  6. I was wondering how to add pictures to theses fourms? horses11
  7. My first TB's I bought sending Groundspeak a money order,I had a card but uncomfortable using it online. horses11
  8. In the past I had some of my bugs come up missing and marked them as unknown. Some of my newer bugs have came up missing but in the drop down menu I didn't see that option anymore? So I just grabed the bug back and noted that it's missing,so it shows it's in my possossion. Some were in caches others were in someones possossion,they had it for over a year and haven't loged in to there account for about the same time. Know one would respond to any of my e-mails before I did this. horses11
  9. I did the down load and it works fine,also on the old computer I was using Itunes,down loaded that and it's working just fine. Thanks everyone. horses11
  10. I was using Easygps on my old computer with XP,now I'm runing my new computer with Vista. Looking at the downlod page at Easygps it say's nothing about Vista.I e-mailed Easygps with no reply. I'm afraid to down load the old software with Vista,should I just wait till they upgrade the software? Your thoughts horses11
  11. There are travel bug hotel caches,one cache in our area is set up for dogs(toys,supplies). This fall I hope to have a sports theme cache. Do you have any or found any theme caches? horses11
  12. I've done one a business,most of my caching is done on weekends.This was found on sunday and it was closed. The owners of this cache do have one now at there home,I havn't taken the drive to it yet,but I think I will when I get down there again.
  13. There used to be a way to lock a thread,I've used it before but I don't see anything any more. Have they changed this with the up grades? horses11
  14. Got a new gpsr Friday night,I was at a high school football game when it came.The wife said the doorbell rang but nowone was there,I found it the next day getting the news paper. Only the gpsr in the box just like I sent it out.They did transfer all my cache waypoints from the old unit to the new one. I'm on vacation next week so I hope to do some caching in between painting the back porch. horses11
  15. A week ago I sent my Garmin 76C back to the factory,it stoped working.The back round color turned black,didn't pick up satellites anymore,none of my waypoints could be found except my found caches. Reading forums before I bought it,some got new or refurbished units after sending back there gpsr,do you start all over with a new 1 year warranty? Only time will tell if I get mine back fixed or a nother one! I asked them what to send back with it and they said only the unit with out batteries nothing else.So if I get a nother unit back I it'll be the unit only? as I have the USB cable,manual from the old one,or will they send me the whole package? I was laying in bed last night thinking maybe they'll send me a new 76CX,as the 76C isn't sold anymore,I can dream Started caching last fall and this is my first unit. horses11
  16. Thank you for the info. I bought a Garmin eTrex Legend tonight at our local REI. They have a 100% refund policy, so I felt comfortable starting with this one. ($150.00) Patricia en joy your new Legend,I'll be wacthing for that first cache find Terry IL.
  17. I happened to look down at mine, I thought it said deleting that version but not sure?
  18. Garmin has a new update for the 76C,4.10,Apr 20th 06 I have it on mine haven't had time to try it out yet.
  19. I'm on the watch list for a cache,someone posted the tracking numbers to 2 TB's. I e-mailed the person about it and sugested they edit your log,and also said any pictures of the bug the tag should be turned over. I got a e-mail back and a thank you.
  20. Thanks for the help I got the job done,first picture of a TB I've found.
  21. Each year I go to Missouri for a week same spot. In OCT. 05 bought my Gpsr,theres caches around were I'll be so I'll be looking for them while I'm down there. How do some of you handle the logging of bugs while on vacation? horses11
  22. In your case maybe a short e-mail to the owner to let them now your plans? horses11
  23. When I look at some of the travel bug pages,the owner would like to see pictures of there bug.But looking in the upper right hand corner there's no upload link to do this. I do see this link for my own travel bug page? Help how do I upload a picture? horses11
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