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  1. Just a quicky update on our devilish little racers: Although most of the original 18 Devil Ducky Derby Racers seem to have 'retired' from the race (though hope always springs eternal!), the Black and Green Devil Duckys are still active and both have traveled truly incredible distances! Green has traveled 185,417.7 miles and Black has traveled 377,801.2 miles. I'm astonished by the adventures these two have had and encourage folks to explore the many photographs they have collected along the way. Just crazy awesome! Race on, you glorious little devils!!! Quack! Quack!
  2. The Blue Devil Ducky living up to his name: Blue tries to uncouple the train. Devilish behavior, indeed! Mwaaahaaahaaaaa... Bad Ducky!
  3. Princess Lisa and the Green Devil Ducky have been busy since our last posting! The following represents just a small sampling of images from their excellent geo-adventures: At the GPS Adventure Maze! Green coveting the 2009 Groundspeak Lackey Geocoin Checking out the new Groundspeak HQ Green, Signal and the photo wall Green enjoying the Lost & Found Celebration Green sporting his fancy new bling! But of course, this legendary Devil Ducky deserves nothing less... We are hugely grateful to Princess Lisa for being a truly first class Devil Ducky Sponsor! Princess Lisa + Green = WIN
  4. It has been ages (and a few surgeries... ouchy!) since adding Devil Ducky pics to this thread. The time has come! Emandel and Black ON TOP of the Arecibo Radio Telescope. I am officially jealous! Black rockin' the Taj Mahal Devil Ducky Derby Race Alert: After logging geocaches on all seven continents, Black is setting his sights on becoming the first Lunar Ducky. Stay tuned...
  5. This subject is interesting to follow and I am anxious to see the final design! It also makes me think it would be super-fun to create a Sagan/Pale Blue Dot themed geocoin. Has this already been done?
  6. Great, now I am drooling all over my keyboard... Bacon = YUMMY!
  7. YemonYime = AWESOME! This thread is hysterical and the contest idea is super-fun! I will SO BE WATCHING for the next challenge!
  8. Activation codes are now posted. Just activated mine with no probs. Thanks again to Scavok for a gorgeous geocoin!
  9. No worries, and thanks for the update! Love this coin and can't wait to see what ya' have planned next!
  10. Thanks for sharing the activation-code update! I will wait patiently. This coin is really excellent!
  11. I have been away from Geocaching for a while and decided to check back in on the ol' Geocoin Forums. There have been some neat coins available over the past few months but these Dragonfly Talisman Geocoins are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! What a great design! Although I missed the sale, I am truly pleased just to know that these beauties are out there... Congratulations on a beautiful design, I can hardly wait to see what you create next!
  12. WOW! I absolutely love the design. Can't wait to see photos! Great design!
  13. Green and Princess Lisa have been busy since our last photo update! Here are some images from their recent adventures. We LOVE the pics from the Original Stash Tribute Plaque! Green and the Plaque! Green and the Princess Does something smell fishy? Zee Three Friends (GC150T4) !!!CUTE!!! Flying Saucer or Space Needle? Thanks to Princess Lisa for keeping Green racing along! The Princess Ducky is staring jealously at her boyfriends excellent geo-photos. I guess we better get her moving again soon... [8D]
  14. Thanks for the speedy reply! I am relieved to know that Groundspeak does not support any specific political agenda. I actually posted this thread prior to contacting you through e-mail, sorry if I caused any confusion! I will reply to your e-mail. THANKS AGAIN!!!
  15. I am HUGELY disappointed to see "Yes on Prop 8" ads on the Groundspeak web site. Why would Groundspeak allow ANY political ads to be placed on their site? Please don't misunderstand, I would be just as turned off by "No on Prop 8" ads here as well. It seems like the wrong place for divisive political ads considering the diversity of the Geocaching community. Does Groundspeak actually support California's Prop 8???
  16. The Purple Devil Ducky visits GeoWoodstock VI with Fearthefish: GeoWoodstock VI Purple meets Signal... Groovy, Baby!
  17. We have been Fearthefish fans for quite some time now. They have a great sense of playful humor in their photos! Here are some recent examples: !!!SUPER CUTE!!! The "Mallard of Mischief" and his diminutive minion Mmmmm, TASTY!!! Lurking in the brewery shadows at night? Devilish behavior indeed! The Granite Finger Purple Pepperoni Pizza Notice the ducks in the background... Say AHHHH... Do snakes eat duck? Anyone hungry for some Duck Soup?!?
  18. The Sussex Leprechauns have officially entered Zebra in the Great British Duck Race where he will be competing against 249,499 other ducks! Zebra is training hard for the race by attending a local Guide canoeing regatta: Entry Confirmation A Ducky & a Leprechaun! Quackers in the soup... This is super fun! Best of luck to the Zebra Devil Ducky and the awesome Sussex Leprechauns!!!
  19. The Hot-Rod Devil Ducky gets a couple cool photos in: Hot-Rod inside a real locomotive Carolina Troop Supporters Cache It is great to see this Derby Racer making some progress!
  20. Princess Lisa and Green have recently enjoyed some fun geo-adventures! Welcome to Las Vegas The Rookie Animal Acres Amble CUTE OTTERS!
  21. You already can do this. Under "log your visit" simply select the "write note" option. Various suggestions of how to add similar features have been suggested and rejected. It seems that the majority don't want to see cache listings turned into blogs or chat rooms or forums. Besides, it isn't necessary when what you want is already possible.
  22. Ugh... no thanks! I love posting pictures to cache finds and TB logs, it is a lot of FUN. If I have to start worrying about people posting negative comments to my images, then the FUN will be GONE. If anyone wants to comment on any of my images, they are free to send me a private message through my Geocaching profile. I apologize to sk8er1113, I don't usually post dissenting opinions of other folks ideas; however, I find this suggestion particularly objectionable.
  23. Talk about exceeding expectations! I just received a set of copper Ammonite Geocoins and... WOWZA!!! These are easily my favorite Geocoins ever! I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to Tethys C for creating (and trading!) this truly awesome set. (happy dance!)
  24. I just activated a new "Signal Bouncer" and noticed something odd. If you look at the coins in the "List of Trackables Owned" on our profile, this is listed as: "Signal Bouncer - Super Cacher Geocoina" Geocoina? Is this a typo, or is this the actual name. And if so... why?
  25. Did these little beauties make it to GWVI? If so, were they well received? [edited to correct fumbly-fingers]
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