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Happy Holidays!

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I look up into the night sky, so full of stars and wonder

Why the people of this globe have come asunder


Holidays will come and go as with any day

Love and joy shall stick around if we have a say


On this day I bestow to you

a dream that is so sweet


I send your way a happy thought

and await the next we meet.


May your family and friends be true to you and new ones you shall find.

With all the joy and happiness I wish on you this time.



Merry Holidays to you and yours.

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Happy Festivus!


Family hint: Get a dinner bell for the table. Let everyone know that the rule is if anyone rings the bell you must immediately change the subject. No exceptions.


This works extremely well when the discussion turns to political, religious or in the gutter discussions :laughing:

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And we geocachers were asked, "and what would you like for your holiday gift?". We might respond, "another more powerful GPS satellite would be GREAT".


And from the realm of Star Wars (TNG) we hear

"Make it so #17" .. We all might say "thanks".


So, thanks to the folks making this game possible, from the rocket scientists, to the listing service, to the many geocachers sharing their time and their locations with us, and to us all for sharing our time and our adventures with others.



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