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  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays take your pick
  2. Thanks for the post Palmetto was just coming here to make the same statement. Things work when the guidelines are followed
  3. I have found 1 (ONE) good sprinkler head hide with my player account. It was in a paved parking lot under a lamp post skirt.
  4. I haven't used a scrolling Marquee on a web page since the 1990's and think is is very annoying
  5. I had the same problem when going to Vista 64 bit and I use blue tooth to transfer my data to the Palm
  6. Happy Holidays and a great Geocaching.com 2011
  7. A cache that was being found every month or 2 and then not for 11 months and 10 DNF's needs to be visited by the cache owner ASAP for maintenance. I don't think this has a chance of happening as the owner has 1 hide and 1 find, was a student when this was hidden in 2003. Also has not logged on since 2004 and has an email that has not been validated. My suggestion is to post a needs archived and let the local reviewer take care of it.
  8. Want to protect our Miss Jenn so my suggestion would be a Scorpion and it goes most anywhere.
  9. unfortunately they do not alow any more of the code caches. They now say that there has to be a log in them. the ones that have codes like your gung ho is grandfathered in. but looking forward to the hunt Well, people would have to just put a single symbol AND email me for the go ahead once they read the "secret word" Thanks for the heads up ! Actually Ron. one of the ways I saw it done recently was that the person just put another set of cords into the tiny one and made it a multi. This might be a thought. Welcome back Ron. I just wanted to add that if it is to small for a log, a multicache re-director is the way to go.Fact is my other persona has been thinking of just that sort of thing and now with Ron's statement of worlds smallest I just may have to join in to make the smallest re-director. Bring it on Ron and CVC
  10. I will respond as I am the one who personally found the cache and I did not receive any notice of this cache being buried. I have archived two within the last month that were placed the same and the other cache was at the trail head of a hiking trail in a public park. To help keep down copycat placements such as the one in the park (the CO told me he was copying another placement) I felt to deal with it quickly and swiftly was the thing to do. It was referred to appeals and that is all I will say on the matter.
  11. Seems like BOGA hasn't lost it all yet. Not only did he recognize new cachers he also found some caches. The event and caching was a blast and we always look forward to invading CVC area
  12. First Hope you all had a great Christmas and hope 2009 is good to you. Now down to the nitty gritty of this post, just received this guideline that may affect us all in California. California State Park System Geocaching Guidelines (Public) (To be placed on park’s website cover page and linked to individual parks that allow geocaching) Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity for individuals, groups and families that involves finding hidden containers known as geocaches by navigating to them using a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Many land management agencies have legitimate concerns that geocaching and the hiding of geocaches may have an adverse impact on environmentally sensitive lands, sites of historical or archaeological significance, and the like. California State Parks has reviewed the issues and concerns associated with geocaching activities and has determined the best method for the management of this activity is to leave it to the discretion of the District Superintendent. The 278 units of the California State Park System are diverse and varied and there are parks and management units where geocaching is appropriate and others where it is not. The Department has developed the following general Geocaching Guidelines to inform the public and help park operations staff properly manage this emerging and popular recreational activity. Additionally, those interested in engaging in geocaching activities at a specific State Park are encouraged to talk to the park staff to learn if the activity is permitted and the rules and regulations associated with that park unit. For general information about geocaching, go to Frequently Asked Questions, written by www.geocaching.com, the global GPS cache hunt site.) Cache Locations 􀂃 Caches may be allowed where they do not affect natural, cultural and historical resources, visitor safety or other park users. The following is a list of terrestrial State Park System unit classifications where geocaching may be permitted (when approved by the District Superintendent): - State Beach - State Seashore - State Park - State Recreation Area - State Vehicular Recreation Area 􀂃 Caches are typically not allowed or encouraged (unless approved by the District Superintendent) in the following terrestrial State Park System unit classifications: - State Cultural Reserve - State Natural Reserve - State Historic Park and State Historic Monument 􀂃 Caches are not allowed in the following terrestrial State Park System unit classifications: - Cultural Preserves - Natural Preserves - State Wilderness 2 􀂃 Virtual caches are encouraged and must adhere to the applicable requirements used for physical caches. With district superintendent approval, virtual caches will be permitted in those State Park classifications where physical caches are not generally allowed. 􀂃 Caches may not be buried, nor may vegetation, rocks or other features be marked or damaged in the process of placing, accessing or maintaining the cache. 􀂃 Physical caches are not permitted inside or upon any State Park facility or structure. 􀂃 Caches may not be permanently attached (glued, bolted, or screwed) to any historic structure, monument, archaeological, natural or geologic feature. 􀂃 Caches are not allowed within 300 feet of streams, marshes or sensitive water features. 􀂃 Caches may not be placed more than 3 feet from a designated trail. Questions 􀂃 Contact the District Superintendent or their representative.
  13. Hoping everyone gets what they want and has a great Holiday Season
  14. Sorry to be so late but had to post my picture also.
  15. U.S. Army U.S.A.R.V. HQ. Tent City B 1966/1967 Saigon Vietnam O3C40 - Entertainment N.C.O
  16. I did some research and found the cache in question so archived it and have since bee4n in contact with the cache owner. They will remove the stake an rehide the cache according to guidelines. They were requested to send a picture of the hide before the cache will be unarchived. They also were appologetic about the method of hide and will go over the guidelines closely again. Thanks all Krypton Northern California Volunteer Reviewer
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