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  1. """ Litehaus """ My hat is off to you for working with the local reviewer to solve your problem. Many times you see on these forums folks are posting only the negative, not the positive as you have Good luck to you on getting them back up working with you Fla reviewer. Max Cacher Volunteer Mod
  2. as always what my buddy Keystone said, no need for further post here, your reviewer has been notified of should be archive post and they will be handled fairly, let nature take its course Max Cacher
  3. we always love your two cents worth, its a great idea max
  4. Check out MTGC.org a local club in TN, but they are use there face book more Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club Max
  5. It's time to stop the car after so many personal attracts Max Cacher Volunteer Moderator
  6. Hey Folks, Don't make me stop the car Max Cacher Volunteer Moderator
  7. Nothing but LOVE goes out to you "BUDDY" Max // JoGPS // Joe
  8. Good Morning Chris You will need to do a lot of home work before asking for donations here on the forms. Fist you can not place a cache there under your account until you can convince the reviewer that maintenance will be performed. I don't think money to caching is allowed here on this site. Please rethink your post will let it say open for a day or two to see what happens Max Cacher
  9. Aw grasshopper you have grabbed the pebble from by hand, your wisdom does show over the years of caching you are correct Max Cacher // JoGPS
  10. Try this but its not up to date, but you are only going to be here a weekend anyway right some have been archived, so check the listing first Nasshville Greatest Caches Max
  11. Try Here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=160662
  12. Closing Thread Went to the forums at Tampa Bay Area Cachers forums There has been no updates on there forums since Dec 01, 2009, looks like its all over, they were to vote last year Max Cacher
  13. Welcome, Welcome to Geocaching try here http://arkgeocaching.org/ they are a cool bunch Max
  14. Agree completely with PFF Max Cacher Moderator for Benchmarking forums
  15. Sorry about that I really thought that they were listed, try here where the cool kids play in NC North Carolina Geocachers Organization my bad Max
  16. Hello Try this (( Pinned: Geocaching Organizations in South and Southeast. )) at the top of this forum there are several listed Max
  17. Great Plains, is where you should be. Max Cacher
  18. The reviewer for that area would be mtn-man, saw all 647 of him over the weekend in WA state Max
  19. There web site even old, is very cool. Will try to make this one Max
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