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Delaware Geocoin Now Available For Ordering


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12am Friday the 11th, the moment you have all waited for is finally here!


The Delaware State Geocaching Club is now accepting orders for our 2005 coins!


Visit www.geocachingde.com for the full details and ordering of the coins.


For those of you who would like a little more information without going to the web site let me introduce you to the 3 Delaware coins that will be seen around the globe soon!


First the Queen of the family (The Limited Edition)




An all gold coin with Silver mixed in the state and other parts of the coin. It is a Gold/Silver coin (kind of like the Canadian 2 dollar coin)


There will only ever be 300 of these first edition, limited edition coins. These babies are going to be worth something some day soon. We are limiting purchase to one per household. These are a little more expensive than what most coins are priced at, but the proceeds are going to be used for our “Grand Experiment.” Our Grand Experiment is that we are going to attempt to put goecoins back where they belong, the geocaches! We are doing this by taking the extra profits from this coin and buying more of our other coins to be activated and placed in caches around the world. These coins will be activated under a geocaching account Delaware Geocaching and then sent around the world to be placed in caches. To do this we will be sending these coins to some lucky people in different states and countries for placement. We are hoping to get at least 200 coins that will be use expressly for this purpose.


Due to preorders we are down to under 50 of these babies, once they are gone they are gone forever.


Second is the Princess (The Standard edition)




This is the coin that I think will be the most traded. There is going to be a limited number of these coins, but there should be enough for most people to get at least one. This coin is like the limited as it is Nickel/Gold and should look great in any collection. This one is priced on key with other coins that have been released, and any extra money from these coins is going to the Delaware state Geocaching club activities.


Third is the Ugly Stepsister (The Delugly )




This coin is not an never will be for sale and won’t be worth anything to collectors. We have intentionally made this coin as ugly as possible so that it might stand a chance of seeing some miles in caches everywhere. Prepare your eyes, for in the near future you might have to see one of these as you move it from cache to cache. These coins will be distributed (as well as a few of the standard edition coins) to caches around the world. This is the end result of the “Grand Experiment.” You can get a lot more detail on this ugly sucker on the web site.


So there you have it, the complete Delaware State coin Collection, come and get it!


Please, feel free to post to this thread after you purchase your coins from the web site.


Once again, here is the address: www.geocachingde.com

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I like the design of this coin. Having lived in southern New Jersey and driven through the Delmarva with all of the chicken farms, it brings back memories of the smell just looking at the coin :D . Will you be sending out invoices for preorders? Be happy to send one of the Ugly duckling (chickens) on its way in southern Ohio.

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You know by not selling the ugly ones, the chances of them being kept when found are more likely. Doesn't matter how ugly they are... it's  coin that no one can purchase.

We will see how this goes. After all this is just an experiment to see if what we do here helps our coins stay moving in caches.


Maybe if someone was to start a "Free the Delugly" campaign we would consider selling this ugly, misunderstood step sister as a unactivate collectors coin. But for now, if you take it out of a cache and don’t put it back in another one it is like stealing a travel bug. Who wants to do that, not me.


We are open to any and all suggestions, but it won’t be part of this sale that is for sure.


We are knee deep in orders as it is, and the logistics of this is a lot more difficult than I had imagined from the onset of this whole process.

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If you did not get a limited edition coin, we are going to have some more on the site later today.


We are going through the orders today and removing any orders that violated the 1 limited edition coin per household rule all orders by these people will be removed and refunded. We will also be clearing some bogus orders that have no information with them and no payment from PayPal.


If for some reason you ordered more than one limited edition coin accidentally (and then paid for both thinking cool I will get 2), you should send email now with an explanation because we are going to remove all orders by anyone who has done this and those coins will be back up for public consumption. This is only fair to the other 200+ people who have followed the rules. We are not profiting from these coins and don't want to see anyone else doing so or hording our coins.

(NOTE: If there are 2 orders with 2 addresses and the same PayPal account was used to pay for both this is not a problem, we know we have a couple orders this way and have no problem with it.)


If you know you want a limited edition and have not ordered one please send email to me at jefflundstrom@gmail.com and we will put you on our wait list.





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Maybe if someone was to start a "Free the Delugly" campaign


Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! Free the Delugly! :o

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