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  1. I would be interested in one of each. Thanks. Hans
  2. I received my Finland coins yesterday without any problems. Thanks from germany. Hans
  3. Very nice design, well done Steve! Regards Hans
  4. When you start taking pre-orders, I would like one or two sets. Thanks Hans
  5. How should I sleep tonight? With your finger on the F-5 key. The european geocoin-addicts make that always in such a way.
  6. I'm looking for: Colorado Geowoodstock III Midwest Geobash Moun10Bike Volunteer geocoin I could offer: Christmas Geocoin 2005 Christmas 2005,nielsenc Compass Rose 2005 Delaware Dutch EU Frozen Bone, silver, bronze Georgia (Stone Mountain) Iowa Kansas, KS Wader Manituela PC, gold Michigan New York North Carolina San Diego Mt. Mc Kinley, seven summit New Mexico Pennsylvania Screw Thanksgiving 2005,nielsenc San Francisco, PC United Kingdom West Tennessee Wisconsin World of Geocaching next time incoming: Finland 2006 Grand Canyon Kansas Long Iland Love PC Maritime 2006 MOGA Northwest Pennsylvania Ontario (bronze,silver,gold) UK EGG Wyoming Thanks for looking! Hans edit, add dutch coin
  7. Is this one trackable with it's own icon?
  8. Hi Greg, today my coins arrive in germany. Thanks again. Hans
  9. I have not received my 2 christmas coins in Germany, too.
  10. eMail sent, two regular coins please thank you
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