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Nevada Geocoins


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Nevada Geocoins


We are now accepting preorders for a Nevada Geocoin that will be trackable on geocaching.com. This version will feature the Territorial seal on one side. We will post a photo of the second side as it becomes available. The cost of the coin will be $7.50 per coin, which includes US shipping and delivery confirmation. A silver limited edition is likely in the future.


(edit) added shipping option for international shipping

Note: This is not related to the geocoins that were started by Orange Hippo back in June.


Any profits from these coins will be used towards activities for the Nevada Geocaching Association. nevada geocaching


please see link nevada geocoins

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Got my order in for 3 of these. Waiting for the Silver ones (in breathless anticipation).


You haden't mentioned color, but it looks like this coin lends itself to no color (at least by the picture shown). If it is, that's great. Some of the nicest coins are colorless. Or made in ... Silver... :anitongue: Did I mention I like the silver ones? Man, the ol' brain drains all of its 'Reasoning fluid' when I see them. :anitongue:

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and put my address in the text box that asked for my geocaching name since Kilted Cacher pointed out that it didn't ask for my address although PayPal has my address...

If you have a paypal account they will get your addy on the payment email

Good! I can't begin to imagine the headache if they had to track down everyone's addy.

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paid for my 2 coins, but paypal didn't ask for a shipping address. Might be a problem tracking this later.

I believe if you're a PayPal member, they have your shipping address on file. If you're not a member, it prompts you to fill the information in. Mine is usually filled when I go to PayPal - which is too often now days. :anitongue:

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