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How Do You Get To The Cache Site?

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At first glance, I thought you had lost control and hit a tree.

it does kind of look like that, huh?


I was trying to get it as far as possible off the trail so the locals would still be able to get by on their quads.


Here is the link to the cache, if anyone is interested: Elk Rock

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I don't know how to post a pic off my PC, so I'll just have to describe ours;

For backwoods caches, beat to heck red 87 Toyota 4x4 P/U, often seen with a bright yeller kayak on top.

For regular cache runs, a silver 94 Dodge 1500 P/U. (the A/C works in this one) :lol:

For solo runs, a green Kawasaki KLR-650 duel sport motorcycle.

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Here's our Cache-mobile.


My little car. It's currently in the shop, having about $700 worth of work done on it :) (No, it wasn't in a wreck. Just some things under the hood broke -- all at the same time.)


BTW -- photo was taken when we lived in Texas. I don't have a photo of it at our current location (nor do I have a photo of my wife's car, which we've taken caching once or twice.)

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