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  1. I just got a friend request from someone I've never met, who's been a member since '02 but only has 3 finds and a completely blank profile. In their friend request the first thing they asked about was my kids. Definitely set off my creep-o-meter.
  2. I assume you mean a Garmin Geko 201? I use a Geko 201 myself. There are a number of places you can go wrong when trying to transfer data. You need to have the USB drivers installed and working. You have to tell GSAK what kind of GPS you have and what port it is connected to and what speed its running. You have to have the GPS communication port set to Garmin mode, not NMEA. Those are the most likely I can think of off the top of my head. Let us know what steps you're taking and what error messages you're getting, if any. That information can help us narrow down the problem.
  3. Excellent! Thanks for the update.
  4. Any idea when the vintage air power series will start happening? I'm waiting as fast as I can for the P-51 coin.
  5. I have mailed out all of my pending trades. I'm notifying folks directly when I receive theirs. I'm also keeping a status list at the end of my profile. Thanks to all who've shown interest. Please let me know when you get my nickels & chips.
  6. Just an update to anyone I have trades pending with... I've got all my trades ready to go out. They'll be going in the mail tomorrow, Monday Feb 11. I have received packages from several people. See my profile for details.
  7. I've added a list of pending trades to my profile. If you've contacted me for a trade and don't see your name on the list, send me a reminder. If you haven't contacted me, and want to trade, what're ya waiting for??
  8. I have wooden nickels and poker chips to trade. The nickels and chips have the same images. Mustang Dreamin' is the front side, Geocaching Since is the back side. The nickels are the usual 1.5", the chips are 11g and I have Black, White, Red, Green, or Blue. Let me know if you have a color preference. I'd prefer to be contacted by e-mail via my grounspeak profile. You can also see larger versions of the token graphics there.
  9. for EXTRA extra credit, get one in a stable orbit at the L4 or L5 lagrange points
  10. Thanks for posting the pics, Fox. I've been away from the forums for a bit so I just now saw your post.
  11. I've been using a Geko 201 for for geocaching for more than a year. I like it a lot. The small size makes it handy to carry around in a pocket for opportunistic caching. As someone else mentioned, avoid the 101 because it has no computer interface capability. The battery life quoted by Goodguys seems to be the exception, not the rule. I've used rechargable NiMH cells in mine and they work fine. They last about 80% as long as alkalines, but they pay for themselves after a handfull of recharges. If you do use NiHM cells, don't forget to tell the GPSr that it is using them. Somewhere in the config menus there is an option to tell the Geko whether it is running on alkaline or NiMH cells. If it is set for alkaline and you feed it NiMH, it will think the batteries are dead long before they actually are. If you're buying alkaline batteries, don't bother paying a premium for the name brand (Energizer or Duracel). You're just paying extra for the flashy marketing. I've been using Ray-o-vac alkalines whenever possible for years and they're every bit as good.
  12. Does that $15 data plan from Sprint also allow me to connect the phone to my laptop and get on the internet?
  13. I picked up one of the Cobra units in the Woot deal, a few weeks ago. For the price I paid, (~$95) its not a bad unit, except for the fact that there is no 3rd party software. Now if I'd paid full MSRP (over $300 for the pkg I got) I'd be mightily disappointed.
  14. Here's my experience, so far with the Cobra 1000 DLX package I got from woot.com: As mentioned previously, there is no 3rd party software support and the included software does not import gpx files. Hence, there is no way to download geocache data into the GPSr automatically. Maps must be loaded into the unit via the serial connection, even though it has removable media. It took literally HOURS to load map data for the areas I'm interested in. The map data contains street level information, including address lookup, but the GPSr does not do auto routing. I used it in the field today, for the first time. I also carried my Garmin Geko 201 which I've been using for over a year now. The Cobra seems slightly more sensitive than the Geko. It seemed to lock onto more satelites. When I compared the accuracy of the two, the indicated position never seemed to differ by much more than about 20 feet. One bit of good news, the same serial cable that works with my Garmin Geko also works with the Cobra. Also, the Cobra package came with a Ram windshield mount and a power/serial cable. Overall, I'm not too disappointed with the package considering the price I paid. ($95 after shipping)
  15. I must have a P-51 or 3 when they come out.
  16. Unfortunately, a determined jerk can get around any of the above, and the honest folks still have to deal with it.
  17. I ordered one of these Cobra units from Woot too. I'll try to post some comments about it after I get a chance to play with it for a while.
  18. You might want to be VERY careful about wishing to not reach any particular age.
  19. I got my first FTF using a Boost Mobile phone with the Trimble software. I also compared the accuracy, side by side, with my Garmin Geko GPS. The Geko and the Boost phone coordinates agreed exactly to 0.001' I never had that chance to compare sensitivity in the wild.
  20. geocoins.net offers these for sale. $6 for a pkg of 3
  21. Map software is not necessary by any means. I find Google Earth and Google Maps to be wholly adequate for geocaching. The GPS on your Nextel phone should be as accurate as any other. It might not be as sensitive as some. You might look into the Trimble Outdoors software that you can get for Nextel phones that turns them into a "real" gps. I got my first (and only) FTF with the Trimble software on a Boost Mobile phone.
  22. You mean to tell me the guy who told me I had to travel to N00° 00.000', W00° 00.000' in order to re-calibrate my GPS was pulling my leg? Shoot! I hope I can get a refund on that ship charter.
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