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  1. I'm only 47 (not sure how I got to this age...) but you guys rock
  2. Thanks, think I'll start a streak of consecutive finds and hit one on the way home
  3. I've missed geocaching, first started back in 2005, and really enjoyed it but life gets in the way.... Anyway, good to be back, funny to see the same discussions, really cool to notice some of the same names from long ago and I'm excited to get back out there and DNF like a mofo
  4. looks like an awesome cache! just looked it up and its only 20 miles away from me, definately going to get this one next weekend! Wait, give me a hint...where's the cache?
  5. Ummm, if you aren't prepared to find a cache, don't. But if you decide to find one anyway, (and we all do) enjoy it. Nothing to get frustrated about, certainly wasn't the cache's fault. Sounds like a good hide to me.
  6. Hi, if the GPSr is still available would you send me some pictures? Thanks.
  7. I scootcache! My Scoot in action! That's a Kymco People 250. 82 mph top speed, 75 mpg! And a whole lot of fun...but people in big Ford 250's really don't like it when you scoot past them. (But I secretly want a KLR 650...)
  8. We took our 16 monthold, 3.5 year old and twelve year old (yes, it is her last year of trick or treating) out and we passed one group of kids excitedly talking about the house where they got play doh, so you were probably a big hit with the kids that stopped by.
  9. Holy bumping old threads, Batman! I got really excited when I saw Auntie Weasel post about updating her site, but saw that post was from 2005 Anyway, my scooter and caching blog is at Tallahassee Scooters and Geocaching
  10. Hey, am I the only one that scootcaches? Tallahassee Scooters and Geocaching
  11. 'And girlfriend' is her caching name? Hilarious! She sounds like a keeper
  12. Hey! So do I, a 12 year old, a 3 year old and a 15 month old! But mine aren't quite as hairy
  13. Back in college, I delivered pizza to Enos from the Dukes of Hazard. Really nice guy, good tipper.
  14. How about Effie for the Mom and Dean for the baby (hope that it is male) Dean 'n' Effie Even better, Effie for the mom, Dee for the baby if it's a girl.... Dee 'n' Effie.
  15. Any update on the M500? Leave it to me to pick up the one phone that doesn't use this already
  16. Baseball? I've met Bo Jackson (great guy, although he threatened to kill my brother), Bobby Thigpen, Ozzie Guillen (funniest guy I've ever met), Pudge !!!, Jack McDowell, Frank Thomas and everyone else on the White Sox back then.
  17. I could, but that doesn't really solve the problem. And there's no guarantee it would work, since my hotmail address worked fine for months...
  18. Nope, it doesn't go to the junk mail folder. I had no problem getting the find email or the new cache notification email until a few months ago when many people had the problem. Even then, I still got the emails where people found my cache, that only stopped a month or so ago.
  19. I have the notification set up and used to get the emails of new caches. That stopped and a few weeks later I also stopped receiving notifications that my caches were found. I don't use yahoo for my email, I use hotmail and have never had this problem before. I guess I can livewithout email notification of new caches but I really want to get an email when one of my caches were found. Any help? I did search but it only turned up the threads saying to set up your notification settings or don't use yahoo. Thanks for your help.
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