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  1. Yeah... his story is such b.s. that I HAD to write him and inquire about it. Makes you wonder if all the road signs were removed during WWII. I'll be curious to read his reply, ~ Mitch ~
  2. Does it look like this? DD4436 - Master Valve ~ Mitch ~
  3. I'm thinking they meant dead STEER. ~ Mitch ~
  4. Saw this on on eBay: J281 - 1955 - Possibly from Oregon. ~ Mitch ~
  5. Hey George, There may be some aluminum marks nearby, but I suspect they are set by the U.S.G.S. Results of Spirit Leveling 1896 to 1909 ~Mitch ~
  6. According the Manual of First-Order Leveling, the letters 'I' and 'O' should not be used: ~ Mitch ~
  7. Well, it's a USGS benchmark with an elevation of 2242 feet, set in 1928.TT STA NO 2D = Transit Traverse Station Number 2D. It's not in the NGS database and probably the only info you'll find is in a file cabinet at the USGS Headquarters in Rolla, Mo. You can write them a letter and they'll send you all the benchmark information for that quad. It is denoted on the USGS topographic map for that area. Regards, ~ Mitch ~
  8. This topic came up about two years ago. Here's the link. ... and a pdf copy of the book for your perusal: Descriptions and Elevations of Benchmarks on the Missouri River ~ Mitch ~
  9. Here are two sites I use for research: Historic Aerials and historical.mytopo.com Enjoy, ~ Mitch ~
  10. The "T" normally stands for "Traverse", "TT" means "Transit Traverse" and the "ET" is "Electronic Traverse". 28 is the series number. For example, on the mark I found, the stamping denotes ET 4 (Electronic Traverse #4), EAK(Surveyor's Initials), 1963 (Date of Monumentation). You can contact the USGS in Rolla, Mo. for more information on your station. All their data on bench marks is contained in filing cabinets. ~ Mitch ~
  11. I believe it's simply a clerical error. Guess I'll have to submit a NGS report on this one, but it's a pain to get to... Back on topic: Looking at Team MEMILA's mark, I'm guessing the setting is 7.5 inches square, just like the one I found. ~ Mitch ~
  12. It's already been done by one of our members. NGS Benchmark Viewer ~ Mitch ~
  13. You've found a USGS Triangulation/Traverse Station. Its primary purpose is horizontal control, (i.e. adjusted lat/long). You'll probably see it on a USGS topo map denoted as a triangle. Not all USGS marks meet the NGS guidelines for inclusion in the National Geospatial Database. Why Not? Here's a similar one I've found. It is HV8404: Hope this answers your question, ~ Mitch ~
  14. From what I can see in the photographs, the monument has been completely uprooted from its setting, and therefore considered destroyed. As to why there is an inordinate amount of pink flagging wrapped around it, that's anyone's guess, but it doesn't necessarily mean its still in use. ~ Mitch ~
  15. Wouldn't it make more sense to submit a report to the NGS using the same format that's given on the datasheet? Take a short look at this thread from 2007 ~ Mitch ~
  16. Nicely done. From the way your log is written, it appears you're getting ready to submit a recovery to the NGS. Be sure to change the HH2 coordinates from DD MM.MMM to DD MM SS.S ~ Mitch ~ Why? Don't they know how to convert co-ordinate formats? The NGS (normally) doesn't edit the text file that is sent to them. Besides, you wouldn't submit a cache using the wrong format... would you?
  17. What's the cache number? If you can't answer that, I'm calling horsehockey on this one.
  18. Nicely done. From the way your log is written, it appears you're getting ready to submit a recovery to the NGS. Be sure to change the HH2 coordinates from DD MM.MMM to DD MM SS.S ~ Mitch ~
  19. There are thousands and thousands of high accuracy points scattered across the United States. Surveyors call them Triangulation Stations. You can find one here. - Be sure to choose one with "adjusted" coordinates. ~ Mitch ~
  20. Man that sucks the Big Winky Wank. ... but there's a bright side, now you have a reason to get a better gps!
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