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  1. I know I've posted in this thread too but I'm still a Tech and still working on my upgrade to General. I just can't seem to get the "quiet time" to study. Frustrating!
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    4x4 and off roading is about all I use my CB for these days. It's great for keeping in touch with the other 4 wheelers (especially after I blew out my front CV's on a trail a few weeks back). I do have fond memories of playing with CB back in the 70's. It was a lot of fun back then. Seems like everyone had one so there was plenty of people to talk with. All I ever hear on it now is static or the occasional high powered station blasting in from down south somewhere. I have my Tech Ham license now and am working towards my General. After working some DX on 20 and 40 meters at the last field day, I'm hooked. I still miss the "good old days" on CB though!
  3. Code is definitely on the way out, but it is hard to pin down a timeframe when the government is involved. All of the estimates I've heard were "some time after the end of 2005". I've already passed my Element 3, so if they remove the Element 1 requirement, I can just apply for my General class. That said, I'm having fun studying CW and plan on passing the Element 1 test before it goes away. The current CW requirement is easy in comparison to what used to be required. --Marky I thought about upgrading to General (I just got my Tech last June) but I never really got into it the way I thought I would. Then I went and spent all the money I had saved for that nice HF rig on another car to restore. (Yeah, my wife was "thrilled"! ) I don't know. I might still upgrade eventually. I just seem to have way too many other things going. Too many hobbies and not enough time!
  4. Just curious. Anyone heard any more about this? Other than the usual code/no-code fights on most of the Ham sites, I haven't been able to find out anything new.
  5. My "soon to be cachemobile". Well, as soon as I'm done restoring it anyway! (What? You think I just Geocache all day? )
  6. As I said in an earlier post, I was working on getting my ticket. Now I have it! KI4KLU Name is Gary Nokesville, Va.
  7. Haven't got my Ham license yet, but I'm working on it! Hope to have it soon. Been Geocaching almost 2 months now. Also, this is my first post in the forums! Hi All!
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